A white birthday

{ Please note– This post was intended to go up on my birthday, which was two months ago. And since the weather has been spectacular and yesterday was 50 degrees, I thought it would be a perfect time to share pictures of a snow-covered New England. Also, more snow’s coming…}

On the 29th of December, I went to bed with 12 inches of snow covering the ground, with more coming down from the heavens. I woke up the next morning, and jumped right out of bed. I slipped on my jeans, my coat, and my bean boots and grabbed my camera. I ran out into the winter wonderland with my loyal (and energetic), snow-loving body guard.

I walked around the tree line and took in the beauty. God had gifted us with such a beautiful morning. Especially because it was my birthday!

I had a white christmas, which included sledding with my sisters on our long, winding hill up the back path. And now I can say I had a white birthday too. I’m a photographer who loves winter, so what better way to spend my 14th birthday than taking pictures and sledding again with my sisters?

And of course, I have pictures to show off from that morning.






























I’m so thankful I got to spend my birthday with the ones I love, doing the things I love.

Have you had any snow this year?


44 thoughts on “A white birthday

  1. Okay, I am very jealous, because we haven’t gotten snow since I was six. XD It’s so fresh and white and beautiful!
    Happy late birthday! Sounds like it was amazing. Your pictures are so pretty, and Bixby is adorable. I just want to squeeze him! 😛

    -Clara ❤


  2. Ooh it’s SO PRETTY! I wish I had snow on my birthday…but sadly, that won’t ever happen, unless I go to, like, South America or something XDD


  3. Ooh, pretty pictures, Hayley! Bix is so cute. 😀 And no, unfortunately we haven’t really gotten a good snow this year, which is really unusual for us. Strange.


  4. Haley, I’ve always liked photography. The pictures are beautiful. You are talented, so proud to know you.


  5. While that snow looks beautiful, I don’t know if this Florida girl could handle it. I lived in North Carolina for a while and had my fill of snow there lol


  6. It looks like you had such an amazing time out there. And your dog is adorable. I wish I lived in a place that got snow every once in a while.


  7. You have captured some very beautiful winter shots! Bixby is a beautiful furry friend and cohort. We’ve gotten enough snow to last til next year. Living in Maine, we always get more than our fair share! lol


  8. I’ve had plenty of snowy birthdays considering mine is in November! Looks like you had an amazing time celebrating. People think you have to be doing crazy things to enjoy your birthday! Nope!!


  9. Hayley, this is a very sweet post. You have a photographer’s eye, and a gift for writing–what a great combination! Thanks for stopping by BigSisterKnows.com. I look forward to reading more of your posts!


  10. Lovely Photos! i’m jealous of you right now! Where i live we practically never get snow. You’ve got a cute dog too:)


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