The growth of Selah — Calf photography

I can’t explain how she’s so cute–she just is.


Can you imagine having such a cute ear?

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I’m back + what’s been happening

I’m gonna start posting again.Β 

On the lake last weekend with my family

I feel like I’m at a good time to start up my blog again. I’m feeling more inspired and motivated than ever, and I want to start sharing more posts about my life with you.

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Time to trade your cards!

I know I’m a couple weeks late, I was really hoping others would join. But it’s finally time to trade your cards!

In three days – Tuesday, August 22nd – I’ll email all of you with a final list of who you traded with, along with the address you’ll be sending your cards to.

Of course, only the people who sent me pictures can be a part of the trading. So if you love something here and wish you could request to trade, please keep an eye out for the NEXT ATC trade and join in then!

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