Time to trade your cards!

I know I’m a couple weeks late, I was really hoping others would join. But it’s finally time to trade your cards!

In three days – Tuesday, August 22nd – I’ll email all of you with a final list of who you traded with, along with the address you’ll be sending your cards to.

Of course, only the people who sent me pictures can be a part of the trading. So if you love something here and wish you could request to trade, please keep an eye out for the NEXT ATC trade and join in then!

Don’t feel offended if someone doesn’t want to trade with you. And also, be nice to the other participants in the comments. If you’re rude to anyone in one of your comments, it will be deleted immediately.

If I happened to have forgotten to add your pictures in this post, please tell me in the comments, or shoot me an email.

In case it’s your first time doing one of my ATC trades, notice that the name of the card is right below the picture, along with the artist’s name. If you wanna trade with someone, comment at the bottom of this post. You could say something like this…
“Hey (Name of Artist), would you like to trade my (name of card) ATC for your (name of their card you want)?”

Ok, ok, you can look at the beautiful cards now…

Flower Garden – By Christian Homeschooler – NOT AVAILABLE

Frog – By Christian Homeschooler – NOT AVAILABLE

Blod and Colorful Summer – By Christian Homeschooler – NOT AVAILABLE

The Perfect Slice – By Allison – NOT AVAILABLE

Summer – By Allison – NOT AVAILABLE

At the beach – By Allison – NOT AVAILABLE

Ice Cream – By Megan – NOT AVAILABLE

Watercolor Seashell – By Megan – NOT AVAILABLE

Watermelon – By Megan – AVAILABLE

Celebrate summer – By Clara – NOT AVAILABLE

Fireworks at Dusk – By Clara – NOT AVAILABLE

Sumer Drink – By Clara – NOT AVAILABLE

Beach day – By Blue Penguin – NOT AVAILABLE

Summer Dreams – By Glittery Bunny –  AVAILABLE

Summer Shades – Glittery Bunny – AVAILABLE

Fireworks – By Glittery Bunny – NOT AVAILABLE

Vintage Flower – By Hannah – NOT AVAILABLE


Shabby Chic – By Hannah – NOT AVAILABLE

Boho Beach – By Hannah – NOT AVAILABLE

Summer Snack – By Hayley – NOT AVAILABLE

Bucket List – By Kayla – NOT AVAILABLE

“Just add toast and Butter” – By Kayla – NOT AVAILABLE


Perfectly timed calf

{{ Incase you didn’t know, I have an Instagram account I post on about once a week. So if you don’t already, go follow my Instagram to know what’s happening around  here on our farm right when it happens! }}

Two weeks ago (July 28th) my family was woken up before the sun had risen above the tree line. My oldest sister ran up to my room out of breath and said “there’s a calf!” And I was out of my bed and out the porch door so quickly even a cheetah couldn’t have beat me to the field. Scout was in the bottum corner of her pasture. The calf was perfect. Mostly black, with a few white spots. Her face is completely white.

We guessed she had been born just a few hours before we woke up. But Selah, the calf, was spotlessly cleaned and purely white.

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Cure your summer boredom – ATC trade


We all have those days during summer break when we’re bored out of our minds. Well today I’m gonna tell you about an awesome way to cure that boredom…

Make ATC’s! If you’ve never heard or made ATCs (artist trading cards), you’re missing out. ATC’s are 2.5″ x 3.5″ original works of art that you trade with other artists.

{{ Read more about ATCs and how to make them. }}

And if you try making some of your own ATCs and now want to trade with others around the county (or world), you’ve come to the right place! I’m doing a safe, online trade right here on my blog!

( For the parents — When I say it’s a safe trade, I mean the only person that will know any of your children personal information will be me. If you have any questions about the safety of the trade, you can email my parents at ourswapshop[at]hotmail[dot]com. )

If you’re interested in the trade, make sure to read this whole post so you know all the fun (and responsibilities) you’re getting yourself into.

And if you want to see my last trade and what kind of cards were available, click here!

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