The Kraken, real or not real? — Post swap with Loren

Loren and I have decided to do a “post swap,” I don’t know if it’s a real blog thing, but basically we’re both guest posting for each other today.

I gave Loren an essay I wrote–“From smelly socks to evolution.” Β If you’re curious what laundry has to do with Darwin, make sure you read my essay over on Loren’s blog.

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Realities {{ By Kayla }}

My sister, Kayla, blogs over on her business site, Today I asked her if I could share her post, cause, well, I knew you guys would enjoy it. Here’s Kayla’s thoughts:

Ya’ll… Most of the time we bloggers avoid talking about this stuff. It’s hard. And ugly. And most of the time, it’s embarrassing. But, sometimes you need to see life behind the lens.

It’s so easy to only post pictures on Facebook about your good days, and skip over the ones that leave us with only a bad taste in our mouth. And maybe some pictures that we swear we’ll never share with the internet. But sometimes, we need to see people’s messes in order to make sense of our own. And sometimes, it just feels good to expose ourselves.

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Make your own blog button!

Hello, everyone! I’m Josie from And I’m guest posting today on Flourishing By Restful Falls. I’ve noticed a lot of you new bloggers have trouble with making a button, so today I’m going to show you how to make the easiest, simplest button with PicMonkey.

Step One:


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