Hi, I’m Hayley, author of Flourishing By restful Falls blog (or FBRF).

I’m a teen. A youngest child, with three amazing big sisters. I’m a child of Christ. I’m a New Englander as of 2 years ago.

I’m a homeschooler, and no, that doesn’t mean I don’t interact with human beings. But I seriously love being homeschooled.

I’m a softball player, and have been since age 4.

I’m an artist. Along with an ATC enthusiast. I’m a writer, with a dream of being published someday. A reader. I’m a blogger, with a passion for sharing my thoughts with others. I’m a photographer, who thoroughly enjoys snapping lifes moments.

I’m a farm girl, with a newly found passion for homesteading. Thanks to my big sis, who convince my family to get chickens, ducks and rabbits. And last year bought a cow.

Thank you for stopping by my teeny-tiny space on the internet.

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