Welcome to my blog // About me

What kind of posts will you find on this blog?

I love sharing my photography of our farm animals and our beautiful New England Property. Sometimes I share devotional posts, and sometimes I share about the random happenings on our little backyard homestead.

If any of those topics seem to interest you, stay for a while and take a look around. And continue reading if you want to get to know me, the 17-year old girl behind the blog.

Hi, I’m Hayley, author of Flourishing By restful Falls blog (or FBRF).

I’m a teen living in a rural New England town. The youngest child, with three amazing big sisters. I’m a child of Christ. I’m a homeschooler and I’ve never been to a public school a day in my life.

I’m a photographer, who thoroughly enjoys snapping life’s moments. I’m a videographer, I love filming and putting together videos for my youtube channel. I’m a writer, with a dream of being published someday.  I’m a blogger, with a passion for sharing my thoughts with others.

I’m a farm girl, with a (pretty) newly found passion for homesteading. Thanks to my big sis, who convince my family to get chickens, ducks, and rabbits. And two years ago bought a Holstein milk cow. I seriously can’t imagine not having a cow who provides us with 100% of our milk in our backyard. Or chickens who provide us with rich, fresh eggs roaming around our yard.

But, even though I’m in love with farm animals and working with them, I still love getting dressed up every once in a while.

Thank you for stopping by my teeny-tiny space on the internet.

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