Bible journaling with Illustrated faith

“While the Bible doesn’t give us a formula for setting fail-proof goals, it reminds us of WHO our primary goal is.”  —Bailey Jean (the author of the January IF devotional)

To remind me of my goals, I Bible journaled using an amazing devotional kit. (I write about that more below.)

2 Peter 3:18
2 Peter 3:18


One goal: Grow in the knowledge of God’s continual grace

One of our biggest goals as Christians should be to grow in the knowledge of God’s grace, and we all could use daily reminders of God’s grace.

Bailey Jean (the author of Illustrated Faith’s January journaling kit) writes about gardening and how she loves fresh flowers on her table, but she hates getting dirty and actually gardening.

But she also states this in her inspirational devotion, “Of course, gardening doesn’t work that way. A faith rooted in Christ doesn’t either. I won’t suddenly have a vibrant prayer life if I don’t tend to the practice daily… Just as in gardening there is a season to plant, a season to wait, a season to water, and a season to weed, all to bring about the season of harvest we so hope for.”

I whole-heartedly agree. We’ll never be able to grow in our knowledge of Christ and God’s amazing grace if we don’t work for our goals. And there’s always a prize at the end of the growing season.

How do you grow in knowledge of God’s grace?
Spend time in his word, and let it sink in by journaling about it. Don’t just worry about making the page beautiful, but really think about the verse. Pray about the verse; ask God to show you what the verse should mean to you today.

But what is the prize?
It’s better than winning a hundred dollars, or even a million. (I know, that must be an AMAZING prize if its better than a million dollars!) The prize is an abundant harvest of God’s blessings. Even more, the prize is life. A joy-filled life. And eternal life.

Also, the more we understand the depth of God’s grace for us, the more we’ll able to show grace to others.  The more we know the Lord, the better we’ll emulate him. That leads to true joy.

2 Corinthians 5:7


Another goal: Put total faith in him

When I say we need to put our faith in him, I don’t mean that one time we gave our heart to him, when we became Christians. I mean daily faith. Every day we should be trusting in him. Every time we worry about anything, we’re saying we don’t have total faith in the Lord.

How do you truly put your faith in him?
AW Tozer, a theologian and author, wrote that “Faith is not a once-done act, but a continuous gaze of the heart at the Triune God.”

The more time we spend “gazing at God’s heart” by reading his word, the more knowledge we gain of God’s grace. Then it’s easier to have deep, true, daily faith–to put our whole life in his hands.

The January Illustrated Faith kit
The January Illustrated Faith kit


What devotional am I talking about?

I recently found an amazing, Christian-oriented, company called Illustrated Faith. They make and sell Bible journaling supplies. And every month of the year, they have a new devotional kit available to order.

They have 5-star rated products, and I can definitely vouch for that. They sent me the January devotional kit for me to review here on my blog, and I LOVE it. The devotional made me think and gave me a new prespective on things I hadn’t thought of before. And the supplies in the kit are beautiful. I’ve really enjoyed using them in my journaling Bible.

I suggest you check out Illustrated faith, they’re an awesome organization.

And if you’re interested, they have a Facebook group you can join. The ladies on the group give me tons of inspiration on a daily basis.

What are some of your goals for growing in your faith this year?


P.S. Illustrated Faith sent this kit for me to review. But all of these opinions are my own thoughts.



13 thoughts on “Bible journaling with Illustrated faith

  1. I totally agree! It’s so important to spend time in God’s word and get to know Him better. Great post! 😀
    Also, I love Bible journaling. I have no artistic talent, but I have a journaling Bible that has designs for different verses already and I can color them in. 🙂

    ~Lydia~ ❤


  2. I needed this and love this! I was telling my husband how I need to be better with being intentional on my bible study, this will help!


  3. Hayley, your Bible looks sweet. So glad I saw this, have to forward to a friend I think would be really interested in one like it.


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