Spring peeps

Spring is always the best/craziest time of the year here on the farm. Especially living in New England, we’re always so ecstatic when we realize Spring is finally here.

The past two springs we’ve hatched chicks, and this year was no different. I’ve decided that no matter how many years in a row we incubate eggs, I’ll never get bored of it.

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A white birthday

{ Please note– This post was intended to go up on my birthday, which was two months ago. And since the weather has been spectacular and yesterday was 50 degrees, I thought it would be a perfect time to share pictures of a snow-covered New England. Also, more snow’s coming…}

On the 29th of December, I went to bed with 12 inches of snow covering the ground, with more coming down from the heavens. I woke up the next morning, and jumped right out of bed. I slipped on my jeans, my coat, and my bean boots and grabbed my camera. I ran out into the winter wonderland with my loyal (and energetic), snow-loving body guard.

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Why spontaneous days are important…

Why spontaneous days are important to a child



I’ve got be honest, I was getting pretty jealous flipping through all my friends’ posts on the blogsphere sharing all their fair pictures. To me, fairs signify fall. And every time I saw a fair photo, I would get ย overwelmed with joy. And I wanted to experience a fun day full of adorable farm animals, maple cotton candy, and beautiful, deep colored leaves (I know–I have high expectations). But I started to loose hope of having that fair day I was imagining in my head…

Then my PopPop mentioned going to the fair.

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