Baking without directions

You’re beautiful. On the inside and out.

You honor God in little, everyday ways.

You’re not afraid to be your wild, weird self. (Except those first couple sleepovers, those were pretty painfully awkward.)

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Never boring

Let’s ignore the fact that there’s snow in these pictures; I’m just a little late posting this, that’s all. Enjoy this essay I wrote six months ago about an adorable toddler (who now has more hair, is talking like a pro, and tumbles to the ground rarely these days).


Maverick is never boring…

Babies are full of poop. But since my sister takes care of the diaper changes when we babysit, I’m okay with that. Babies are also full of ever-changing expressions, hilarious curiosity, and fun walking antics. All in all, my one-year-old neighbor, Maverick, is never boring.


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The Kraken, real or not real? — Post swap with Loren

Loren and I have decided to do a “post swap,” I don’t know if it’s a real blog thing, but basically we’re both guest posting for each other today.

I gave Loren an essay I wrote–“From smelly socks to evolution.”  If you’re curious what laundry has to do with Darwin, make sure you read my essay over on Loren’s blog.

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