Why spontaneous days are important…

Why spontaneous days are important to a child



I’ve got be honest, I was getting pretty jealous flipping through all my friends’ posts on the blogsphere sharing all their fair pictures. To me, fairs signify fall. And every time I saw a fair photo, I would get  overwelmed with joy. And I wanted to experience a fun day full of adorable farm animals, maple cotton candy, and beautiful, deep colored leaves (I know–I have high expectations). But I started to loose hope of having that fair day I was imagining in my head…

Then my PopPop mentioned going to the fair.

He and MomMom were visiting us, like they do every fall. In fact, they drive 400 miles up the East Coast at least once every season, except winter.  They own a beloved, white, vacation cottage that I had visited with my parents and sisters every summer since I was born (until a few years ago, when we moved only an hour away from it).

The last time I had been to a New England fair, I was too young to really remember it. (Except, for petting the goats, I do remember that.) So, naturally, I was extremely excited.

So I couldn’t wait to share my pictures with you from the best fall-y day I’ve had this year…

















I still don’t understand why you cage up chickens to show at a fair… But my sisters and I had a blast looking at all the beautiful to peculiar egg-laying birds… ^


^Watching the cows being milked, it was actually unusually satisfying. (I also picked out a couple cows I want to buy... Now all I need is money!)
^ Watching the cows being milked was unusually satisfying. (I also picked out a couple cows I want to buy… Now all I need is money!)










^ The amazing mouth-watering maple cotton candy ^



As we were leaving the fair for the evening, we started to make arrangements to stop for ice cream at the local McDonald’s (my PopPop is obsessed with ice cream). But instead, we made new arrangements that involved pizza and taking the scenic route. Probably the most scenic-y route in New England. Almost every vacation my family has ever taken, we’ve driven this scenic highway…






My family and I pulled up to the top of the highway at the perfect time–the sun was just starting to disappear over the mountains, leaving a beautiful array of color behind. And that’s when we started taking the silhouette pictures… And we might have had a little too much fun with them, my MomMom and PopPop even joined in on our craziness and posed for us…
















And there you go… The best fall day I’ve had this year, thanks to my grandparents. Without them, we wouldn’t have visited the fair, we wouldn’t have spontaneously decided to go the scenic route, and we wouldn’t have laughed so much. Thank you MomMom and PopPop for inspiring the perfect fall day! I love you more than words can describe.

And believe it or not, the reality of that day–the day I was dreaming about for so long–was better than my expectations.


25 thoughts on “Why spontaneous days are important…

  1. All of these pictures are lovely, Hayley! The animals are so cute, and the silhouette photos near the end are gorgeous. ❤


  2. Wow, it looks like you had tons of fun! I love your pictures, especially the first two and OH MY GOODNESS THE LAST PICTURES OF THE SUNSET ARE SOOOOO GORGEOUS HELP ME! They look so professional! Now I really extra want to come visit you. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love all these pictures, Hayley! I particularly love the one with the pigs. ❤

    I love the fair; we live close to one, and every year I spend most of the fair week in the fair. It's awesome. 😀


      • Wow! Awesome! So disappointed that you didn’t go into the barns. You probably would have loved it! (Betcha can’t tell I love horses XD)


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