Spring peeps

Spring is always the best/craziest time of the year here on the farm. Especially living in New England, we’re always so ecstatic when we realize Spring is finally here.

The past two springs we’ve hatched chicks, and this year was no different. I’ve decided that no matter how many years in a row we incubate eggs, I’ll never get bored of it.

There’s something invigorating about watching new life come into this world. And carrying their warm, fluffy bodies downstairs to put in the brooder with the rest of the chirping chicks. (Yes, the incubator’s upstairs in my sister’s room, cause it’s the best place for it. And we want to see all the action when the eggs start hatching.)

So far, we have eight little peeps. And many more to come.

You know it’s spring when you have a box full of chirping fluff balls in your living room. I love farm life, and I know I’ll never get bored of it.

What’s been happening in your little corner of the world?


P.S. We also have a momma hen who hatched a chick, post about that coming soon!

16 thoughts on “Spring peeps

  1. Ah, they’re so cute! How exciting! We just buy our chicks from the local feed store, which is slightly less exciting, although we have had momma hens hatch eggs every so often. 🙂

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  2. Awww! Chicks are so cute. 😀 Step by Step Sanctuary had our FIRST BABY FOAL a week ago, too! Babies are the sweetest. 😉 The baby is a curly horse foal, and her name is Tippy. 🙂 Yay for spring!!


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