What are they?

I have a favorite cupcake. I store it in a binder and I can’t munch on it, because its sprinkles are sparkly beads, the icing is pink paper, and the cherry on top is bumpy fabric.


I also store a rainbow, softball, and a fox in the same notebook. You see, I don’t actually stash away dessert, insects, and mammals in a 3-ring binder.


But I do have hundreds of ATCs that illustrate these things and lots more. ATCs are Artist Trading Cards.

They’re 2.5″ by 3.5″ mini works of art.



I love ATCs because they’re not made in a factory, they’re made by you. So each one is unique. When I put them in my binder, I like to look through them and see all the ones I have made and traded with my friends.

Do you wanna know more about Artist trading cards? Then make sure to follow my blog or find me on Facebook! (And read my post about the rules of ATCs.)



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