Oh my goodness, how? How do I have over 50 followers?

This is so unreal. I mean why do so many people want to read about my crazy New England life?

This is so exciting I don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve had people visiting from countries I’ve never even heard of. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 2.53.00 PM

In honor of this occasion, I’m hosting a giveaway!


  • An amazing art kit to get your ATC game on! (I LOVE Artist Trading Cards–or ATCs. They are 2.5″ by 3.5″ mini works of art designed by you that you can keep or trade with other artists. This ATC Starter Kit is full of every awesome art supply you’ll need to make all kinds of different Artist Trading Cards AND a booklet full of all the directions.
  • An ATC made and signed by me, to start your collection (if you haven’t already).
  • A guest post on my blog, if you’re a blogger. If not, I’ll interview you (by email) on whatever topic you’d like people to know about! (I will have to approve your topic.)

{{ Enter to win }}

  • Get you parents’ permission. ( If you win, I will be needing your address.)
  • Follow my blog (if you aren’t already) by typing in your email and clicking “Follow Me” on the sidebar. (And be sure to always comment using the email you follow me with, or I won’t know it’s you!)
  • You must live in the US (or be willing to pay the extra money I’d be spending on overseas shipping).
  • Comment below telling me your name, why you would like to win, and how you found my blog.

{{ For extra “points” }}

If you do any of these, leave the link to your post in the comment section below….

  • Pin this giveaway on pinterest
  • Tweet a link to this contest on Twitter
  • Post this link on Facebook
  • Post about this super duper giveaway on your blog

Re-pin and re-post all about this giveaway as often as you’d like. Every time you leave a new link in the comments below, you earn one more chance to win!

Thank you guys so much for all your love and support you’ve given me on this blog.

I hope you understand how much it means to me.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 11.45.56 AM

Make sure to sign up for the giveaway and to tell lots of friends!

I will announce the winner on November 28th (exactly 2 weeks from now)!



73 thoughts on “THANK YOU + HUGE GIVEAWAY

  1. I’ll enter!
    I want to win because I have no ATCs and I want to make some at home. I found your blog when I was looking at Happy House of AG, clicked on your profile, saw you had another blog, and immediately clicked that follow button. And please, if I win, send it to me by my name on here, Kelsi Walker-Hernandez, instead of my ACTUAL name. Thanks!


  2. I would love to enter! I know about your blog because you’re my friend and I would love to win that prize because I love art and making ATC’ s. That would be awesome! I’ll post this on my blog and pin it on Pinterest.


  3. WHOOP WHOOP! My mom and dad said I can enter this one! So excited! I don’t have a huge chance, but a whole lot more of one than if I didn’t enter at all! 😀 Can’t wait! Look for my Photo of the Week tomorrow, it will have your giveaway in it. 🙂


  4. Hello! I like your blog! WOW, 50 followers! I only have like 10! And I thought THAT was a lot! I’m K.A. And I LOVE animals! I love the pic of the rabbit and chick! That is ADORIBLE! Cool giveaway, but I’m not really into art! You probably don’t want any more followers, but…. I’m gonna follow you!


    • Hey, we all start somewhere! And that is a lot, just give it time :). That’s awesome! Do you have a cow? Ok, well if you wanna enter you still can. The giveaway is supposed to encourage people to make art, so it’s not just for the totally artsy people. Of course I want more followers! Every follower I get makes me really happy! I’m don’t just wanna stop at 50! Thanks so much, that makes me so happy!!!


      • COOL! We HAVE some cows, but I don’t have my OWN! Yah I have my OWN 21 pets actually 24! I have too many, But I love them all! My pets are Aggie and her 3 pups! Gadget (my horse), my 3 hermit crabs, Fred, Crabby and Hermy! My 12 chicks(only 3 have names, Weenie, Foof, and Teenie) My 4 fish, Chubster, Cutie, Mark and Sammie! And THOSE are my 24 pets!


      • Hey Hayley! Thank you SOOOOO much for following my blog! By doing that I now have 10 people following my blog! Only……………………………………………………………………………………………40 more to go!! 🙂


      • Thanks! Umm I have a poll on my poll page, and I was wondering if you would vote??!! You don’t have to!! The most important is the 2nd one down! Called ‘which pup do you want me to post next about?’ I would appreciate it if you voted!


      • Do you have any other pets? I will be putting on a new poll at my blog if you want to vote! I have to old ones that I would still like it if you voted! You can visit it at


  5. I followed! ❤ I found your blog through A Barefoot Gal blog. 😀 I totally love art, ahhh, art is totally awesome. 😀 Thanks for this awesome giveaway! ❤

    Sarah Margaret♥


  6. I’d like to enter. I found your blog… by finding either americangirlguide or dollydiys on another site. I want to win because I like arts and crafts. I’ll post about it on my blog tomorrow for day 12. Also, I’m not old enough to have social media. 😦


  7. Maddy here! I’d love to enter! Man, I can’t remember how I found your blog, I’m just glad I did! I follow your blog! Id like to win because me and my two other sisters love arts and crafts stuff and we’d probably have a blast with it! Congrats on 50 followers!!! As good as your blog is, I’m not surprised!


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