The rules

I’m so glad so many readers are interested in knowing more about Artist Trading Cards… I love making and trading them!


If you’d like to make and trade Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), there are a few rules you gotta know. (Sometimes, you might not like rules, but don’t worry, these are pretty easy to follow.)


  1. Create a 2.5- by 3.5-inch card. Size is important! You can buy the cards already cut or make them yourself from regular-size cardstock paper.
  2. Put your first name and the date on the back. Even add a title for fun! (More ideas about how to title your ATC in another blog.)
  3. Trade your ATCs. NEVER sell them!


Now that you know the rules, start designing your own ATCs with colored pencils, crayons, markers, paints, magazine pages, or almost any craft supply you can think of, even objects you’ve found on a walk! And if you haven’t already, please follow my blog, I’ll be sharing lots more ATC ideas over the next few weeks.

And make sure to share a picture of the ATCs you make by using the “Contact Me” page!


Have you ever heard of ATCs before? Have you ever made an ATC?



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