Less talk. More art.


I just wanted to remind you all about SwapShop’s 4-day Art Challenge that I mentioned in my last post. All you have to do is make art, share a picture of it on our Facebook page, and have a chance to win prizes (there will be one a day)!

The challenge is starting tomorrow (the 10th). And ends Saturday with a 12-hour art-a-thon.

You can start sharing pictures of your art bright and early tomorrow! The first prompt (just for inspiration, you don’t have to use it) is “vivid color.” I’m extremely excited to see all your artwork!

You’ll also get to scroll through everyone else’s art, that’ll be inspiring!

For all the information, read a few posts from the past couple days on our Facebook page.

Are you gonna be participating in our Art Challenge?



12 thoughts on “Less talk. More art.

  1. Ahem. This is Allison for real now. (MEGAN! 😡 XD )
    Anyway, this sounds like so much fun! Mom said we could enter. I’ll email you a picture soon! (It can be one that we’ve made a while ago, right?)


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