Jumping In



This year, in New Hampshire, fall didn’t gradually slide into our lives. No–it jumped in, in seconds.

It’s bittersweet, saying goodbye to summertime.

Knowing you won’t experience the summer feeling for at least six months is a rough reality to grasp–the sunshine that warms not only your skin but also your insides, the slight breeze that blows your sun-bleached hair off your neck, and the cool lake water seeping into your skin as you slide in.

But stepping (or jumping) into fall, after so long without crisp leaves and cool breezes, is also a sweet, irreplaceable feeling. Welcoming the cool nights, in the jeans you haven’t pulled out of your drawer since before summer and the hoodie that hasn’t moved from your closet since spring, is absolutely delightful.

Though I must admit, no matter how wonderful it’s been smelling the fresh autumn air when I step out the front door and basking in the last bits of warm sunshine–I’m gonna miss Sundays on the lake.

What’s one thing you’ll miss most about summer?



One thought on “Jumping In

  1. Ooh, I love the pictures! Being out on a boat is so always so enjoyable! Hmm….the thing I’ll miss most about summer…… probably hot summer days spent running, then jumping the pool! 😀


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