20 reasons why I love homeschooling!

Today I will be sharing the top 20 reasons why I love homeschooling! So let’s just hop on into this!

why I love homeschooling

  1. I don’t have to get up early. This really depends on your parents. But my mom is sometimes lax and lets me sleep in.
  2. I don’t have to get dressed. I usually stay in my PJs hours after waking up.
  3. I don’t sit at a desk! One of my favortist things about being homeschooled is that I don’t have to sit at an uncomfortable desk or table all day. My mom lets me do my school work on the couch, curled up with a blanket, and sometimes even in bed.
  4. I have time to do more. Another thing that I take for granted is that I can focus on subjects I really need to grasp better. And I can take time to do what I enjoy… Like blogging! And observing nature while keeping a nature journal, which is really fun.
  5. I never get snow days. But it’s ok! We still get to play in the snow hours every snow day, but yet we get to end school for summer break sooner than the kids who have to take off a dozen or so days over winter.
  6. I work at my own pace. If I’m having trouble with a certain subject, my mom and I always take extra time to make sure I totally understand that subject.
  7. I get to have snacks while I’m working. I love to curl up with my mom and work on math and reading with a warm cup of hot chocolate or tea!
  8. I can go grocery shopping without crowds. Unless you count Senior Citizens, that is. It’s the best to be able to go out shopping, in the middle of the day, and have no crowds! And all the gray-haired shoppers are so stinkin’ cute!
  9. I never have homework. I always wanted to play with my friends on the street when they got home, but, they never could because they had homework. Guess what? I don’t ever have to bother with homework! Well, I do have homework… it’s taking care of the animals, and perfecting my pitching!
  10. I can end school for summer break when I’m done all my work for the year. I don’t have to wait for some random date on the calendar. I can work hard, get my work done, and let summer begin!
  11. I can talk about religion, God, and the Bible. I actually have a Bible study every Thursday with other homeschoolers. And during the week I do my study as independent work and on Thursdays we talk over the answers, it’s really great.
  12. I have time to read what I want. I personally love to read. Right now I’m reading the Love Comes Softly series.
  13. I know I’m safe. Sometimes public schools aren’t the safest place. But you will always know your house is safe.
  14. No silly uniform. Unless PJs count!
  15. No bed time! Usually kids my age don’t really have a “bed time,” but they don’t get to stay up as late as I do (which is usually 10:00-10:30).
  16. I always know who my teacher’s going to be.
  17. In high school, you can attend college classes. Now, obviously, I don’t go to college classes, yet, but my sisters did. They attended college classes (in community colleges) on subjects that they enjoyed. Like science and math.
  18. Beach days! My mom loves to take off school (or even bring school with us), pack up, and drive to the beach for the day when kids are usually still in school. And a good thing about that is you don’t have to bother with the crowds of people, like in the summer time!
  19. Everyday life is school. Dyeing Easter eggs is art; kayaking and bike riding is gym. And making a game about your town is part of history.
  20. My friends aren’t all my age.  I have many friends who are not in my grade, and even adults! If I was in regular school, I wouldn’t even get the chance to talk to them.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. What’s your favorite thing about your school (even if you’re not homeschooled)?



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