The history!

Once I started making and trading ATCs, I wanted to understand the history behind them. (What are ATC’s?) I found out about a guy who lived in Switzerland.


He created 1,200 little art cards by hand and displayed them in his bookstore in 1997. At the end of the exhibit, the Swiss artist decided to have a party. He invited people to bring ATCs they had made to trade with him. An enthusiastic Canadian artist who participated in the trade started an international trading session in Canada. Eighty artists from 10 countries attended!


From there, an interest in ATCs traveled around the globe. Today, hundred of thousands of artists display and trade ATCs on the internet.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the history of ATCs! If you wanna know more about these super cool miniature works of art, make sure to follow my blog. (Or look for Flourishing by Restful Falls on Facebook!)



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