One day my mom and I were on the back porch designing ATCs. I was telling her that no websites exist where kids can trade ATCs.


Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are awesome mini works of art that I love to make and trade.

Right then and there I thought of a cool idea: SwapShop. My sisters and I consulted with the right people (a lot of them), and they’re helping us make it real.

I found out why there are no websites for kids to trade ATCs–because it is very difficult to build! There are laws called COPPA that keep children safe online by not allowing websites to show their private information. So it’s pretty complicated, but some great people and businesses are willing to help us make sure we follow all the laws to keep it safe.

We figured out a few simple ways our business can, hopefully, eventually make money, so we can then purchase art supplies and deliver them to children’s cancer hospitals. Because we learned that the simple act of doing art—just making a little ATC—makes people feel better and helps them sleep better. There have been studies that show this is extra true for people who are fighting cancer.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 9.22.31 PM

I’ve had lots of fun designing my business, but even more fun figuring out ways I can use it to help lots of other people. This August, YOU can help my sisters and I help kids with cancer, just by completing a really cool Summer Art Challenge. It’ll be tons of fun, won’t cost you a penny, will have fun prizes, and could help us make and deliver tons of art kits to kids in the hospital. Please like us on Facebook, where we’ll be explaining all the details! (Or ask your mom to like us if, like me, you don’t have a Facebook account.)

So what’s YOUR cool idea? Don’t give up on it. You should never give up on a cool idea!

Do you like making ATCs? I’d love to see your favorites!