Party-themed envelope

ArtLab #1 envelope

Yay! It’s here! Allison and I have been working on ArtLab for a couple weeks now, and we’re really excited to introduce our new series!

What is ArtLab?

ArtLab is a collaborative series Allison and I have put together to give ya’ll inspiration to create your own artistic adventures.

So every week Allison or I will share another inspirational picture that inspired us to make ATCs, envelopes (for fun snail mail), and an abundance of other artsy things…


{{ VIA pinterest}}

Today’s inspiration is a party-themed envelope. If you make this envelope and send it off in the mail to one of your pen pals or friends, I’m sure it will brighten up their day. And you’ll also have fun making it! It’ll be like a party going from your craft table to their mailbox!

And from the above inspiration I made my own version…


Isn’t it beautiful? Sorry, I’m tooting my own horn😉.


I made the “banner” at the bottom with washi tape that I cut up into triangles. But instead of washi tape, you can also use card stock, tissue paper, or anything else like that… Be creative!

Once I  finished the banner, I outlined the triangles with a white gel pen on one side and a black sharpie on the other side. I loved how it turned out!



The polka dots were printed with an old pencil eraser and a few different colors of ink pads. It’s so simple–but it’s so cute!


After I finished the banner and the polka dots, I cut out a piece of card stock paper and glued it onto the envelope–this is were the address will go. I outlined the circle with a black sharpie. And added little cut-up pieces of washi tape over top of the line.

And it was done! See? It’s SO simple, but it’s SO cute! And, like I said, it will make the receiver’s day! Especially if you send it to your grandparents😀.

If you would like to see the adorable ATC Allison made with the same inspiration, make sure to check it out on her blog (A Farm Girl’s Life)! And while you’re at it–follow her! She really is awesome😉.

Just think–if you make a party-themed envelope and mail a party-themed ATC in it, you’ll be hosting a double party. All for the cost of a stamp!

If you like this inspiration, make sure you save it on a pinterest board so you can come back to it.

Are you excited for ArtLab? Are you gonna make an ATC or envelope to send to your friends with the inspiration we shared with you?