About Me


My name is Hayley.

I’m a Christian teen living in New England. I adore writing, and I hope to be an author when I’m older. I also love reading, creating art,  blogging, swinging on one of our many swings, and hanging out with the animals. Oh, and I’m practically glued to my camera.

I’m also the youngest in the line of 4 girls.

My family relocated to New England almost 3 years ago, and we’ve been slowly building a farm. We have chickens, ducks, rabbits, and of course, a cow. (And hopefully a horse, pigs, and meat chickens in the upcoming  years.)

And let me tell you–I love living the farm life. And I hope to have my own farm one day.

You might wonder how I have time for all this; well, I’m home-schooled! I have never attended a day of school in a brick-and-mortar school in my life (neither have any of my sisters).

I have two adorable dogs. Maggie is a white, curly Cockapoo (all she does is sleep and eat). And Bixby, our tall, regal, Labradoodle puppy, is one of my bestest friends.

I’ve also played softball since I was four, and I love pitching. My two oldest sisters used to be extraordinary travel ball pitchers who are great coaches.

And that’s all for now!




49 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Allison says:

    Happy birthday, Hayley! The thing below is supposed to be a birthday cake with candles, although I’m afraid it doesn’t look much like one. XD The 1s are the candles and it’s supposed to be a three layer cake. I tried. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wizepuppy says:

    My goodness girl, you and I are SO alike.
    Softball — Yup! I’ve been playing since I was 8, but I am a catcher. 😉
    Homeschooled — YES! I usually do math at the kitchen table, science on the couch, and history in my room.
    Youngest — I’m the youngest of a family of seven as well! I even have 4 older sisters. One of them also plays softball (she’s in college at the moment).
    Dogs — We have had MANY dogs (my family once had four dogs at one point), but at the moment, we only have one. He’s a purebred German Shepherd and weighs 110 pounds. His name is Rizzo. 🙂
    Overall, I LOVE the blog can’t wait to see more posts coming. 😀
    ~ Suzy | Craftz’n’Craziness


  3. Aria says:

    Well, hello there! I’m Aria. It’s so nice to meet you! I’m a Christian homeschooled teen living on a farm too!!! Except for the fact that I was only born in New England…now I live in the south. I love your blog! It seems like we have many similarities. By the bye, I love to read and swing as well!


    • Hayley says:

      Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for not alone taking the time to check out my blog but comment an encouraging comment. It’s little things like this comment that makes me love blogging (and thats just one little reason why I love it) :). Thank you so much!


  4. Tane says:

    Hey there! I love your blog. And you’re super pretty.
    We have a few things in common- I’m also home schooled, I’m a Christian, I’m a teen and I also love farms. We used to have a farm, but had to sell it when we moved.
    Anyways. Consider me your newest follower.



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