The growth of Selah — Calf photography

I can’t explain how she’s so cute–she just is.


Can you imagine having such a cute ear?

Just like her momma. ❤️


“What’cha say?”


Farm life gives you a new perspective on things. Milk is no longer just the white stuff that you buy from the store in a plastic jug, but it’s something that you work for, every morning. As crazy as it sounds, your milk begins to have a story when you raise it in your backyard.

Life on a farm gives you a new perspective on eggs too. Like, what even are those white spheres that come in the cartons from the store? Eggs should come in all different shapes and sizes when they’re coming from all different hens. In fact, it’s fun to figure out (by stalking the coop with major stelth abilities) which hen laid which egg. You see, our hens lay various sized eggs, in different shades of blue and tan. All that color and variety is so pretty sitting in a wire basket on our kitchen counter. (Want me to write a post about why/how we don’t have to refrigerate our eggs?)




It’s too cute to even handle


So needless to say, farm life has also changed my persepctive on cows. Especially baby ones. I’ve come to discover that you can have a relationshp with a cow. Not to say that we don’t treat our cows like the livestock that they are, because we do, but I’ve also come to realize that cows know their people, and people know their cows. Scout’s favorite people to milk her are Kayla and I, and she becomes upset sometimes if others milk her. Selah has become used to our halter training sessions, and she’s fallen easily into our milking routine and gets anxious if our schedule is off for a day. On the flip side, I now know Scout’s udder and teats as well as the back of my hand. Her body, scent, and sound are all very familiar to me, as I spend the first thirty minutes of every day getting to know her more and more.

All of that being said, I’ve really been enjoying watching Selah grow up right under my nose–right in my backyard. Although she’s growing entirely too quickly for my liking.

All of our animals serve a purpose here on the homestead, but I’m so glad we can also enjoy their company for the time being, like how I’m enjoying watching the growth of our little Selah-Belah.

Bix the watch dog ❤️


Do you think Selah’s cute? What do you think her cutest feature is?


35 thoughts on “The growth of Selah — Calf photography

  1. Awww!! Such cutenes!! Great photographs! Your farm looks very pretty!
    We don’t have cows, but we do have chickens, and my brother is always trying to figure out what bread/chicken layer what egg 😁


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