Perfectly timed calf

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Two weeks ago (July 28th) my family was woken up before the sun had risen above the tree line. My oldest sister ran up to my room out of breath and said “there’s a calf!” And I was out of my bed and out the porch door so quickly even a cheetah couldn’t have beat me to the field. Scout was in the bottom corner of her pasture. The calf was perfect. Mostly black, with a few white spots. Her face is completely white.

We guessed she had been born just a few hours before we woke up. But Selah, the calf, was spotlessly cleaned and purely white.

So now, after almost two years of waiting, I’m finally introducing you to Scout’s calf.

Everyone, meet Selah…

This is Selah’s sleepy eyes–she had just woken up.
It’s a foggy morning in the field.
I love her polka-dotted ears and back.

Two years ago, my sister bought a holstein cow. She was suppossedly bred and pregnant. The previous owners said she was due August, so we just waited patiently for that day to come. Well August came and left, and Scout didn’t have a calf.

We all were dissappointed to find out that she wasn’t pregnant and that we’d have to wait another 9 months for milk. But we had her breed with a neighbor’s cow in early November last year. And we knew this time Scout was really gonna be a mom.

While at the time we were disappointed to face nine more months without a calf, looking back, it couldn’t have been better.

But thank goodness  God doesn’t follow our expectations. If Scout had had her baby last August, she would have been in milk while we had to travel because of many family difficulties. Then someone would have to milk her two times a day, and that would be too much burden for one person.

So a false pregnancy that we were bummed about, led to a perfectly timed birth. In the end, we have an adorable calf we get to play with.

 “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”
Proverbs 16:9

What’s something you thought was terrible while you were going through it but looked back and realize God did it for a reason?


16 thoughts on “Perfectly timed calf

      • Yes!! We used to milk goats and it was so much fun!
        We had some calves that we bottle-fed, raised, and sold, so yeah, they were for meat. 😉 We raised about 7 calves in total, I think. It was so much fun! We had a little red Holstein calf named Red that was SO cute. 😀


  1. These pictures ARE ADORABLE!! Selah is the cutest thing ever, I love that photo from behind! 🙂
    God definitely knows more about what’s better for us! 😉

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  2. Okay HOW did I never realize that I accidentally unfollowed your blog?? Ugh. WELL I’M BACK just in time for this adorable post — Selah is so cute asldkjf!


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