Bullet journaling for blogging {{Collab w/ Rebekah}}


Since I came back from my long break two months ago, I knew I needed to get into a posting schedule and stay on a schedule. But I needed a way to do that.

And I was messaging Rebekah (my BFFL, and blog owner of American Girl Guide) about this one night and she was talking about her bullet journal and how she uses it for her blog and how much it had helped her.

So I made a monthly tracker and some other spreads in my notebook and started using them on a daily basis to help me stay on top of my blog.

Rebekah and I use bullet journaling in very similar ways for blogging, but at the same time, we use it very differently.

So today we’re collaborating to show you how we both use our bullet journals to help us be better bloggers. And we hope this inspires you to get more organized with your blogging endeavors. (Because if I can get organized, I KNOW you can too.)

After you’re done reading my post go on over to Rebekah’s blog and read her part of our collab!

Inspirational page

One way I use my bullet journal for blogging is inspiration. I made a page full of reasons why I love blogging. And if I ever feel down about my blog or feel uninspired, I flip to this page.

My inspirational page reminds me why I love blogging and why I want to keep doing it.

Monthly Tracker

I mostly use bullet journaling for my monthly trackers. I wound up with eight different things I wanted to track on a daily or weekly basis. I write those along the side of my journaling page. I make a new tracker page for each month. Across the bottom, I list the days of the month.

In February, I made my first tracker page. I was determined to be organized, and I loved the idea. But the next thing I knew, my journal was at the bottom of my desk drawer. The page looked pretty, but had never been used.

The month of March, I used it (almost) every day. In the afternoon, I flipped to my tracker page, and I would check off the things I had done. If I hadn’t done some of them that I knew I could easily accomplish, I would do those things. While it’s not a necessity for me to read posts in my reader each day or comment on a post by one of my blogging friends, I find that the more often I did those two things the more inspired I am to blog myself.

And now that we’re stepping into April, I can look back at the tracker from March and  have a snapshot of what I want to improve.

By taking a quick glance at my tracker, I can see that I didn’t post on my Facebook as much as I would have liked to, and I didn’t share any of my posts to my Pinterest group boards. At the end of April, I hope to see more check marks on those two rows.

Blog post ideas

I have a page full of post ideas, so if I’m feeling unmotivated and don’t know what to write one week, I just go to my list and blog about one of my ideas.

Keeping Track of my Blogging Goals

Finally, I love using bullet journaling to help me track by blogging goals. I have a page for my  goals I want to accomplish in 2017. Every month I look back on the list of my goals and figure out what I can do to get closer to accomplishing them.

I used to just see my goals in my head, but I’ve found that having them written out all pretty helps motivate me.

How would you use a bullet journal? Everyone has unique styles and different things that work best for them. Rebekah’s  post about bullet journaling will give you some totally different ideas that I’m positive you’ll enjoy.

If you’re a blogger, how do you stay organized and on top of your posts?




14 thoughts on “Bullet journaling for blogging {{Collab w/ Rebekah}}

  1. Ooh this is really awesome! I want to bullet journal, but I’m waiting till I have more time. XD I have a habit tracker too, but mainly just for daiky habits not related to blogging. I really enjoyed this post, and thank you for sharing!


  2. Another bullet journalist! 😀 This was super helpful to me – I was actually wondering just today how to use my bullet journal for blogging.


  3. This post was JUST what I needed right now! I had started a bullet journal and I was wondering how I could use it for blogging . . . these tips were so helpful! 🙂

    ~Lydia~ ❤


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