Bible Journaling – What is it?



What is bible journaling?

Bible journaling is a way to spend time in the word in an interesting and new way. Some people like to artistically decorate a favorite verse they’ve written in a journal. Some use a special Bible with large margins to creatively elaborate on a verse that inspired them.

Well, thanks to Bekah (my BFFL), I’m a Bible journaling geek. I’ve done a couple artsy things with a couple verses. To help you get a better idea of what Bible journaling is, I thought I’d share some of my artwork so far.



When I started researching the idea of Bible journaling, I came across a beautiful drawing someone had colored inspired by Isaiah 54:10. I knew I was going to do something like it in my Bible once it arrived in the mail.



I received my Bible a few days before Inauguration Day. When I heard that Pence was holding his hand on II Corinthians 7:14, I decided I would dedicate a page to the inauguration of our new president. And I couldn’t have picked a better verse to use.



When I read II Thessalonians 5:16-18, it’s like the words popped off the pages and inscribed  themselves on my heart. Just a day before, my pastor had preached about praying–from I John 5:13-15. So prayer was fresh in my mind. And since the loss of my grandparents, every word in that verse resonates with me deeper than ever before. God did help me through hard circumstances, and through all the hard times, he even helped me be thankful.



Creating my next Bible journal entry, I decided to be brave… I used watercolor pencils! Since Micah 7:19 explains how God casts our sins into the sea, I wanted to create something that reminded me of the ocean. Tentatively, I used a couple different shades of blue watercolor pencil and blended it out with a wet paintbrush. In the end, nothing too earth-shatttering or horrific happened. But the page did dry pretty wrinkly.

I’ve done a couple more entries, but I wasn’t about to reveal everything in one post. (You’ll have to wait until later posts to see more.)

Had you heard of Bible journaling before?




24 thoughts on “Bible Journaling – What is it?

  1. I’ll admit Bible journaling has always interested me. I love to doodle during sermons as it’s help me concentrate on what the pastor’s saying. Sadly, I’m too broke to get a Bible with nice, wide margins so I haven’t done anything yet, lol. But it’s on the list!

    I love the drawings and verses you did. They’re so creative and unique. 🙂


  2. Your pages are beautiful! I really enjoy handlettering and trying out different lettering styles–it’s pretty cool to be able to contemplate a Bible verse as you slowly create an art piece about it.


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