Never boring

Let’s ignore the fact that there’s snow in these pictures; I’m just a little late posting this, that’s all. Enjoy this essay I wrote six months ago about an adorable toddler (who now has more hair, is talking like a pro, and tumbles to the ground rarely these days).


Maverick is never boring…

Babies are full of poop. But since my sister takes care of the diaper changes when we babysit, I’m okay with that. Babies are also full of ever-changing expressions, hilarious curiosity, and fun walking antics. All in all, my one-year-old neighbor, Maverick, is never boring.





Maverick’s expressions are ever-changing. He’s always smiling, scrunching, staring or squeezing his pudgy baby face. When he squishes his lips together, his face resembles that of an angry duck. When he smiles, his teeth shine whiter than a string of pearls glistening in the summer sunshine. When he gets pouty (if he doesn’t get something his way), he scrunches up his face so much, he resembles an old, wrinkled potato. If you happen to be eating a delightful snack and don’t share with Maverick, his round, gazing eyes grow as wide as giant jawbreakers, begging for a bite.







While his pleading eyes and adorable expressions are endearing, Maverick’s curiosity is an elephant in the room. If he sees something he hasn’t particularly noticed before, his face lights up and he tears through the room until he reaches his desired destination. Maverick has a unusual fascination with doors. What’s the big deal with doors? Well, I don’t really know. But Maverick likes all kinds of them, wood, glass, sliding, and especially swinging. When his eyes catch a door in their sweeping investigation of his surroundings, he can’t help but run over and swing it open and closed. And he has to say a heart-warming “hi” and offer a smile to the person in the other room when he swings the door open. As if playing peek-a-boo.







His curiosity is not his only trait that keeps me smiling though. Maverick’s entertaining steps are precarious. When he sees something he wants, he’s like a short duck, reaching an awkward foot as far as it can go then tipping to one side as he pulls the other tennis shoe of awkwardness around in front. In an klutzy but swift waddle, he traverses the field between him and his desire. As he changes from his right to his left foot, his whole body rocks with him like a see-saw.





In the end, Maverick is never boring. He might be poopy, but he’s never boring. When we babysit, I get to enjoy his energetic expressions, gigantic curiosity, and wobbly walk. If he poops, I just hand him off to my sister.


So, do you have a blog post from last winter that you haven’t shared yet on your blog? What’s stopping you?



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