My favorite season…


When I’m getting to know someone, it’s a common question. “What’s your favorite season?” I usually hastily answer. Spring. But as a new season is leaving us, and another one is saying hello to New England, I’ve been thinking a lot about seasons.

I’m extremely thankful God made seasons; without them, life would be dull. Just as we all started getting too used to the warm, summer days, God was gracious enough to give us something different to look forward to when we hop out of bed in the morning. (Ok, ok, I know–I don’t jump out of bed in the morning either…)

In between seasons, every day is a new adventure. You never know what tree might have turned a beautiful, vibrant red overnight. Or what furry creature you’ll see running around collecting for winter.

Every evening I stop what I’m doing. Get my camera. Plop my chilly toesies in my dad’s old, oversized (and over abused) Bean boots. Call my puppy. And head down the side hill. As I step out the door, I’m reminded what a beautiful creation I live in. And what a beautiful creator I serve. I still get a little shocked when the chilly, autumn breeze hits my skin. But I get overjoyed all over again–It’s autumn….

After taking a moment to soak in the chilly, fresh, autumn air, I glide down to the chicken coop with a smile in my step. Swinging the white, wood door, I say goodnight to our beloved hens (and pompous, but lovable rooster). Bending down to slip the hook in its latch, I listen to our hilariously rambunctious ducks saying goodnight in their cozy house made from pallets.

I never forget to bid goodnight to our big girl Scout. (How could I forget about our Holstein when she’s sticking her head trough the fence mooing for attention?)

So yes. I love all the seasons. But right now I’m especially in love with Autumn. But that will change once winter settles in for a stay and reminds me of how much I enjoy sinking my feet in a fresh coat of white fluff.

I’m truly thankful that God was gracious enough to give us exciting seasons that are always changing. Without them, life would be a boring cycle I know I could never make it through.

What’s your favorite season?


P.S. Make sure to check out Anika’s first ArtLab! We’re so excited to have her as a new regular contributor! If you want to catch up on all of the past inspirations, check out the ArtLab blog!


17 thoughts on “My favorite season…

  1. This was such a beautiful post! Fall and winter are my absolute FAVORITES! I have such a hard time describing just how much I love cold weather. It’s amazing. *happy sigh*


  2. My favorite season is by far summer; it’s the only season that I’m really sad to see go. But I totally agree with you-if there weren’t four distinct seasons in the year, life would be a lot duller. So I’m very thankful for each season. There are things that I love about each one. 🙂


  3. Yes, I totally agree! My favorite season is spring too, but whenever a new season comes I’m like, “Maybe I should change it to this season.” XD I’m so glad God made seasons too!


  4. My favorite seasons are fall and winter! Fall is just so beautiful because of all the colors! And I like winter because I LOVE snow! Our front yard is basically a hill, so I love sledding down it in the snow.


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