ATC trade #2 {{ Hobbies }}



The time has come to announce my second official ATC trade! Read on for all the details. If you’ve already read them from the last time around, I suggest reading it over again just in case you forgot something. (Plus, you’ll need to know all the new dates and deadlines.)

{{ RULES }}

If you’re going to participate in this ATC trade, you have to read and obey these rules…

  • You MUST have your parent’s permission. Guys, I cannot stress this enough. Please make sure to tell your parents exactly what this is and that you will need to tell me your address and you will be using some stamps to send me the ATCs. In fact, just to be sure that no one gives out their address to me without their parent’s approval, my parents have asked that everyone who participates prints out a permission slip, has a parent or guardian sign it, and mail it in with your ATCs that you are trading.

The permission slip:
ATC trade permission slip pdf

  • You cannot share any personal information with another participant. If you talk about anything personal like your address, phone number, or even the state you live in, in a comment, it will be deleted immediately.
  • If you do not want to trade with a person who has asked you to trade, I suggest you reply with this comment, “Your request to trade is very flattering, but no thank you.” If you say anything even slightly rude or unkind in the comments, your comment will not be approved. 
  • The ATCs you submit MUST be made by you.
  • You cannot put any personal information on the back of your card. All it should say is your first name, the title of the card, and the name of who you traded it with. (Please label it “TO: {name},” using the profile name of who you’re trading with. This is really for my benefit, so I make sure I’m sending the right cards to the right people.) You can also include the date you made it, if you’d like. (I like putting the date on my ATCs.) Oh, and if you have a blog, you can put the url on the back also.
  • The ATCs must be 2.5″ by 3.5″ and made with pride. Please don’t trade any ATC that you wouldn’t be excited to receive.



  • This trade’s theme is Hobbies. And you’ll make an ATC (or find one you’ve already made) that goes with that theme.
  • You will email me the pictures of the ATCs you would like to trade to ATCkid[at]live[dot]com by September 24th. (If you don’t have an email, you may use your parent’s or a sibling’s.)  But maximum 3 cards per trade. (Please give each picture a title before sending it to me. Title each picture the same name as each ATC name.) 
  • I will post them all in a  blog post, right here on Flourishing By Restful Falls, on September 25-26th.
  • Once the trade closes on September 29th, if you’ve made a trade agreement with others in the comments section (make sure you don’t trade off a card twice), you’ll have the ATC(s) postmarked within 2 days, by October 1st. (ONLY SEND ME THE ONES YOU’VE SUCCESSFULLY TRADED.) On the back of each ATC you trade, write the name of the person who will be receiving your ATC–their profile name. (This is important; it’ll make my job a whole lot easier.) In your envelope, with your ATC(s), you’ll also include a self-addressed, stamped envelope, which I will use to mail you the ATC(s) you earned in the trade (along with your signed permission slip).* For your name on your envelope, please use your profile name, so I can easily match the ATCs to the correct envelopes. (You can also write your real name on the envelope too, if you don’t want to confuse your postal carrier.🙂 )
  • On or around October 3rd, I’ll send the right cards off to the right people.

The only thing different about this trade and the first is that this time we’re all making ATCs about our hobbies.

You can email all the pictures of your ATCs to ATCkid(at)live(dot)com. (Remember, maximum of three.) The deadline to send your pictures in is September 24th.

If you have any further questions, comment them below. I’ll answer them ASAP.

Are you gonna participate in the ATC trade?


* If you did the trade last time around and have already sent a permissions slip, you don’t have to bother sending another this time around.


34 thoughts on “ATC trade #2 {{ Hobbies }}

  1. Wait, haven’t commented yet? Oooops! But anyway, I definitely want to do this! YAYAYAYAYAY! 😀 I do have one question. Does it *have* to be hobby ATCs, ’cause I only ended up making one. :/


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