Challenges for every blogger {{ Part Three }}

Original photo by The crafted Life.
Original photo by The crafted Life.

For all of you who are been anxiously awaiting the next post in my series, here it is… part 3 of my new mini-series–Challenges for every blogger to work at. If you’re new to the series, read about how to give it your all and make goals and achieve them in the earlier posts.

After you’ve decided to do your best work and make and achieve goals, you’re probably feeling pretty stressed. So the next thing I recommend is figuring out how to make it easier on yourself. In fact, a critical part of being a superb blogger is knowing how to make it easier on yourself. But when I say “easier” I don’t mean “less challenging.” Everything worthwhile in this life will be challenging. What I’m saying is, you need to avoid the unnecessary steps that multiple bloggers take.


Don’t stress over blogging. It’s a hobby, Not homework due the next day.

I see too many bloggers wasting time on unnecessary things and missing out on all the fun… feeling they have to post often, feeling they have to take time to say how sorry they are if they didn’t post often, feeling it’s okay to post poor work in big quantities.

You started blogging for fun, right? So keep it fun.

“Ok Hayley… How do I do it? How do I not freak out over blogging when I haven’t posted in 2 weeks, and I’m feeling extremely unmotivated?”

You don’t have to post once a week. Post whenever you feel like it, or whenever you get the chance!

It’s not supposed to be a burden to blog. It should be fun. And if it starts to feel like a burden on your back, stop for a little bit. Take a breather. When you return, don’t apologize to your readers… They’ll understand if you’re absent for a little while, without you explaining it to them.

I CHALLENGE YOU — Publish a post once a week. No more. If you do more than one a week, they may not be your ultimate best work. This way, with every post you can take a whole week perfecting it. 



I’ll admit, a couple of times I’ve wanted to tell ya’ll “sorry.” I feel bad when my last post was a month ago. Or my content hasn’t gotten a lot of comments. GUYS! It’s your blog!

Your readers don’t run your blog. It’s okay to feel bad, but you don’t have to say that in your post. Actually, I’m begging you to NOT say “sorry” to your readers. Trust me, your readers don’t wanna hear that. They probably didn’t follow you to get posts in their inbox every day. They followed you to hear what you have to say. To read your writing. Not to get apology posts.

You also shouldn’t feel like you have to make excuses or explanations for your absence. Maybe you just didn’t feel like blogging, so what? Get over it. It happens to everybody, and we all know that, so let’s quit those apology posts. Sound good?

I CHALLENGE YOU  — Don’t ever post another Apology post. Never again.

Check out this post –> Weekly To Do List Printable <– Keeping a calendar is also a great idea for staying on top of your blog!

And remember, even if you don’t have hundreds of follows, a bunch of comments, or tons of people sharing your posts—let me tell you… You WILL learn something through your work. You won’t look back to this time and regret it. Trust me–in the tiny time I’ve been blogging (two years), I’ve learned so much about editing, grammar, web design, and photography. I’ve grown. I’ve found my true passion. And I’ve made amazing, lifelong friends.

So never give up. It is worth it, it might will be difficult, but it will also teach you some things you’ll remember the rest of your life.

What are some things you’ve learned from blogging?


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11 thoughts on “Challenges for every blogger {{ Part Three }}

  1. I loved this!! It’s so true about the posting quality…I’ve been thinking about only posting once a week because I haven’t had time to post a lot more often. I also like the idea of crafting my post for a whole week before publishing! 🙂
    I love this series!! Have I never mentioned this before? 😉 Do you know how many parts will there be? 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. That was awesome! I have to post more twice a week, though, for Fiction vs. Fantasy posts (though only one person is still submitting entries), but for normal posts I will try that.
    I am guilty of apology posts and wishing I had more readers…. so this was a good reminder!


  3. These are really great tips! I don’t think I’ll manage to post once a week, though . . . I just love blogging so much!


  4. YES! I totally agree! This is probably my favorite of your blog tips so far, because it’s really true! It seems like often people post just little things like “I don’t know what to post, sorry,” when all they would need to do is just wait until they have an idea. Great post, Hayley!


  5. This was a great series! I like your advice on not stressing, and apology posts. It’s not fun when a blogger finally posts something, but all it is is a short “sorry I’ll be back!” post (and then maybe they still aren’t back.)
    I also really liked part one 🙂


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