Challenges for every blogger {{ Part two }}

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Welcome back to my new mini series–Challenges for every blogger to work at. If you happened to have missed the first part, make sure to check it out; it could be very helpful to you (or I hope it is).

Today’s focus? Goals.

Truthfully–I need to work on this… I’m pretty much an expert at MAKING goals, but I’m a kinda a novice at ACCOMPLISHING my goals.


Goals are an extremely important part of doing anything well. If you don’t set goals, you don’t have any specifics you’re working for, and without specifics to work for, you will usually slack. After all, what’s the point of doing anything if you’re not striving for something?

You might be wondering, “So, what’s a good blogging goal to set this month?” The answer to that question should be specific to you and your blog.

But as for my blogging goals for this upcoming month, I want to…
— Post at least 4 blog posts
— Get 5 new followers
— Get active on my Facebook (again)
— Comment on other posts more often
–Host another ATC trade

{{ Achieve your goals. }}

So you’ve made strong goals. What’s next? Work. Hard work. You must work excessively to achieve those goals. There’s no use in making goals and not accomplishing them now is there?

Don’t just keep the goals in your head. Write them down. And not in just one place, but in numerous places. Put them in the shower and think about your goals in that mindless, otherwise-wasted time. Tape them to the mirror, where you can see them when you brush your teeth. Write them on your bookmark so you can see your goals every time you open your current read.

I have learned that the more I see my goals the more I think about them and the more I get inspired to achieve them.

{{ Be realistic. }}

Keep in mind to not get too carried away with making your goals. Because the more crazy you get with your goals the more you’re gonna be disappointed when you don’t achieve them by the end of the month. (Seriously, did you really expect to get 20 followers this month?)

Especially on your first month of making goals, go easy on yourself. Don’t expect to achieve all the goals you set.

Also keep in mind, making goals isn’t something we should only do in our blogging careers. We should be making goals for everyday life. I know you’re here to get better at blogging, and that’s great. But we also have to be careful to not get too carried away and loose focus in other areas of our lives, like school work, hobbies, family, and devotion time.  Limit your hours you spend each day on blogs–both browsing others and writing your own.

And after you’re done reading this posts, read this one –> How to motivate yourself when in a rut <– She also gives you a printable that will help get you to actually work on your goals as well.


What are your goals this month related (or unrelated) to blogging?


9 thoughts on “Challenges for every blogger {{ Part two }}

  1. August Goals:
    1. Be Mostly Done with the wordbuilding of my book
    2. Get 3 new followers
    3. Keep up with my writing camps (online)
    4. Be prepared for school.


  2. 1. Hit 40 Followers (so close!)
    2. Practice Piano and Guitar
    3. Keep Editing My Book
    4. ()
    5. ()
    I have an acting camp, so I’m leaving four and five open to whatever that needs to be, like memorizing lines or something.


  3. I love this series so much!! I love reading about how to make my blog better, and I feel like this has really help inspire me!
    1. Come up with some more ideas for my drawing/writing blog. (I’ve felt that I’m sort of dry in my well of ideas for that blog! ;D )
    2. Reach 25 followers for my drawing/writing blog. (Not necessarily for this month. 😉 )
    3. Post around every other day on both of my blogs. 🙂
    4. Continue to try to engage my readers more on both of my blogs.
    5. Finish the series I have started on my doll blog. 😀
    Thanks for making these awesome posts! 🙂

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  4. I’m loving this series so far, Hayley!! I’ll be sure to set some blogging goals for myself this upcoming month. One that I always have though, is to have more views each month. I like to see my stats going up each month, and so far they have been since April, but I might fall behind a bit this month… I’m gonna try my best to get it up though, with the last few days I have 😉


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