Double the show

I haven’t always loved fireworks (they were one of my worst fears), but I do now. And watching the bright colors flashing into the dark night sky is even better when you’ve got a camera in your hand.

The pictures you snap don’t always turn out perfectly (especially when you’re too lazy to set up your tripod). Actually, they often turn out to be bright blobs of blurriness.

This fourth of July was my first time photographing a full fireworks display. (Last year I stole my mom’s camera for a little while but only took a few shots.)

^ This is my all-time favorite picture I took this fourth.  ^
^ This one’s my second favorite, I believe. ^















I love fireworks, especially where we live–we just walk to the the end of our driveway and watch them over the “river” (the smaller part of the lake we live on). It’s extra pretty, ’cause it’s double the show.

Which picture was your favorite?



31 thoughts on “Double the show

  1. I love the first one! These pictures are amazing! I totally love how the fireworks reflect across the water, it looks awesome in pictures! 🙂

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    • Thank you!! Aw, such a fond memory (well every memory with you is a fond memory). Maybe next fourth you can visit and we’ll watch fireworks together again ;).


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