Check it off the list!

DSLR camera


One thing down on my Summer Bucket List

Yesterday I finally received something I’ve been longing to own for 3 years now… My very own camera! AAAHH! Let me tell you–it’s amazing.

And now I don’t always have to be using my mom’s! And it’s also rewarding because I earned the money by working for it. It’s a Nikon D5200.

I’m very excited to start filming SwapShop tutorials with it, cause it has a flip-out screen, which will make the filming process go MUCH smoother.

And of course the first thing I did once I ripped open the box was immediately take it outside to snap some pictures…

A purple flower with yellow anthers.
Pollen covered anthers on a Day Lily.
A wild daisy, glowing in the morning sun…
A patch of white asters with the sunlight coming through the trees in the background.
A sweat yellow flower sunbathing in the field by the river.
An orange paintbrush (orange hawkweed) getting some sun in solitaire.
A bleeding heart ❤
I’m glad a Day Lily is pretty for longer than a day!


I’m enamored with MY camera and the pictures I’ve taken so far. And I’m confident my mom will also be very pleased to finally have her camera back. (Do you want a review of the camera?)

And of course, it’s always a bonus when you get to check something off your Summer Bucket List

What’s on your Summer Bucket List? Have you checked anything off it yet?



21 thoughts on “Check it off the list!

  1. Wohoo! I’m so happy for you, Hayley! That must be super exciting! I love the pictures, too. 🙂 Especially the Day Lily ones! Yep, I did a post about my bucket list on my blog. I think I have possibly checked one thing off, and I’m working on some others. 🙂


  2. Wow, these pictures are amazing! Congratulations on the new camera! I love the picture of the white daisy! 🙂


    • I honestly have no clue, I was just kinda joking xD. But seriously, I’ll sell it if yo want to buy it from me. It’s in really good condition, I only used it for about a year and a half. So if you are actually considering my camera just make an offer xD. Maybe like 100 – 150? Also, my DSLR was 440, if you’re wondering, I can send you a link to that selling on ebay as well, if you’d like.


      • Hehe! Okay. 🙂
        Alright… Hmm. Yeah, I thought about a DSLR that was $199, but then I thought I’d just wait a little while and then get a good one when I get one.
        Hmm. If I got it, around 130 might be good for me, but I’m not going to say yes until a little later. 😉

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  3. Those pictures are great! I would like to try photography, can you give me any camera recommendations? Right now I’m not allowed to use my dad’s camera 😦 plus it’s way more complicated then it has to be and too heavy. Do you know of any cameras that aren’t too heavy, but still take good quality photos? Also ones that aren’t über complicated?


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