Summer bucket list — 2016

2016 summer bucket list

Summer has arrived, ya’ll. And it feels amazing. I feel so free!

This winter I got bummy. And I mean L-A-Z-Y. So I made a decision… This summer is gonna be epic. And to guarantee the legendary status, I made a Summer Bucket List!

Maybe it will inspire some of you to set your own goals.

 {{ 2016 Summer Bucket List }}

  1. Sleep in the back of my dad’s pickup truck.
    I’ve wanted to for 3 years now. My sisters and I attempted it once before we moved, but for some reason we all ended up in our beds at 3 a.m.
  2. Exercise every day.
    My sister and I have been pretty consistent with this so far, so I hope it continues through the summer. And that INCLUDES waking up early, which some days is the hardest part…
  3. Keep up with my Facebook. 
    Yes, I have a Facebook page for my blog. I’ve been trying to post something on it every day. I’ve been pretty good this month, let’s see if I can keep it going ;).
  4. Limit computer time.
    I’ll admit it–I’m addicted. It’s true–every time I’m slightly bored, I go on the computer. Even if I just checked everything 10 minutes ago. And I’ll spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, looking at the same boring things I’ve seen a hundered times (seriously). But this summer I’m determined to quit my awful habit. It’s a waste of my wonderful summer, that’s what.(Does anybody else think it’s interesting how I said I wanted to keep up my Facebook right before saying I want to limit my computer time? It’s gonna be hard, but I’m determined to accomplish both. )
  5. Take a cute photo shoot with my best friend. 
    I don’t care if my friend wants to or not… This is happening… Ok?
  6. Set up my room the way I want it.
    Ever since we’ve moved (2 years ago), I really haven’t relished my room. I mean a room should kinda personify a person. But I never hung stuff, painted anything, organized anything… So this summer it’s gonna happen. By the end of the summer I’ll actually want to hang out in my room because it’ll represent me.
    I’m actually gonna order my camera this month cause I snagged a lucrative summer job! And I won’t be using my mom’s all the time.
  8. Build that swing we’ve been talking about for 2 years.
    And that would be a two butt-er I’m talking about… Ah, the luxuries…
  9. Write.
    I always say I want to be an author. And that’s true. But sometimes I feel like I’m not really a writer cause I don’t sit down and just pop out an amazing fantasy story like all you other amazing bloggers do. And then I have to remind myself–I AM A WRITER. I love writing. And I write all the time for my blog, even if it isn’t stories and fantasies, like you guys.I guess my main problem is that I compare myself to others too much, especially in the blogging world.
  10. Correspond more with my pen pals.
    I’m a terrible pen pal. Yeah, I’m sorry guys (you know who you are)… I haven’t sent you a reply in about two months now.
  11. Watch a drive-in movie.
    Ever since I heard about these wonderful creations I’ve wanted to go to one.
  12. Have an EPIC Fourth of July. 
    This we already have planned, actually! We’re having an awe-inspiring party on the Fourth with some of our friends. (You know, one of those BBQs that is the sheer epitome of summer?)
  13. Have an all around majestic summer. 
    Guys… My oldest sister just finished up her second year of college, and my next-to-oldest sister is going off to college this fall, so this is really the prime time for the best summer ever.

Mind you, number 13 covers everything I haven’t thought of yet.

What’s on your summer bucket list? Maybe you’ll inspire some additions to mine.


18 thoughts on “Summer bucket list — 2016

      • I hope to! 😉
        Ooh, that’s an amazing camera! I recently bought the Nikon D300. 🙂 DSLRs are tricky, but it’s been fun to learn how to use one!

        -Clara ❤


      • Yeah, I hope its as good as I’m expecting ;). Hey–that’s an amazing camera as well! My mom has the 3200. I love Nikons, I use my moms and sisters all the time :p.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Me too! 😉
        I agree! That’s cool! I love Nikon cameras- my first “real” camera was a little digital Nikon. 🙂

        -Clara ❤

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  1. Hmm..I’m not quite sure what mine would be…one would definitely be to get Gadget (my horse) completely trained before gathering time!!! 😀 It IS possible!!!!!! 😀 🙂 Ummm…and then another of mine would be to also limit my computer time! :/ 😉 Ugh! 😛 In fact, I should probably get off now…


  2. Awesome list, Hayley! I want to post something like this on my blog.

    1. – That sounds SO cool! I’ve slept in my tree house twice, but never in my dad’s truck. I might try that during a sleepover.
    2. – I should probably do that, too. But I’m lazy, so idk. There’s a track at the middle school just up the road from my house . . . maybe I’ll haul my butt up there and run a couple times this summer.
    4. – Hahaha . . . *wipes tears from eyes* I would NEVER be able to accomplish that. Too many internet friends to talk to.
    5.- There are tons of ideas for cute BFF photoshoots. I’m sure yours will turn out great. I’d love to do something like that with my BFFs, but we’re all camera shy . . .
    9. You’re an awesome writer, Hayley! Never forget that. I really want to write more this summer, and I would have loved to do Camp NaNoWriMo in July — but between my doll camp and my church’s VBS, that won’t be happening.
    10. – Yes, we know who we are . . .
    11. – My friend Izzy is taking me to a drive-in movie soon! We’re going to watch Finding Dory. 😀 (I’ve been waiting YEARS for that movie to come out . . .)
    12. – My family has never actually had a big Fourth of July celebration (I know, we’re so lame).

    As for something cool I’m doing this summer . . . I’m going to a week-long scouting camp with my BFF! It’s going to be so cool. 😀 Then I’m going to an epic religion camp with my Youth Group . . .

    Have an awesome summer!



    • Thanks Loren!! I liked reading your bucket list as well :p.

      1 – You have a tree house?! Why have I never seen this on your blog? You better write a post about it and post is ASAP!!
      2 – Yeah, haul your butt over there, Loren! Don’t be lazy! xD
      4 – You should actually try it… Atleast for one day… YOU CAN DO IT, LOREN!! xD
      5 – I always feel quite awkward in front of a camera alone, but when I have a friend or sister with me, I love it :p.
      9 – Writing stories is so much fun for me, but it’s also hard. But I love sitting down and try ping up a blog post! Don’t ask me the difference, cause I don’t really know xD.
      10 – :/
      11 – Oooh, fun!!!
      12 – Yeah, sooooo lame… We used to have once every year when I was little, but that ended when I was about 5 xD.

      The scouting camp sounds fun!!! and so does the youth group trip!! I hope you have fun on them both!!

      And thanks! I hope it’s a good one ;).

      Liked by 1 person

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