Recently on the farm — May 2016

Recently on the farm pic

Life has been CRAZY this spring, and today, I’m gonna be letting you all in on the craziness. I know… exciting, huh?

Well since this will be a longer post, let’s not dilly-dally. On to my second edition of “Recently on the farm!” (See the first edition here.)

{{ The Chickens }}

The coop has been quite the crazy town these May weeks. We’ve got Missy that started to go broody at the beginning of the month. And once Missy got the thought into her head to hatch some eggs, another hen decided she wanted to sit on some eggs–but we don’t want that many chicks so we keep throwing her out of the coop… But of course that stubborn chicken won’t take the hint!

And along with that craziness, every time the two broody hens go out with the others to get a drink and some food in the morning, they pick fights with everything that breathes! And Bigfat (our rooster that’s more fat in attitude than size) has just decided to stay out of it–cause if he tries to stop the feuding, the hens will start attacking him!

They love their momma...
They love their momma…
This guy’s my favorite…


And by the way… Missy’s eggs hatched!! She’s on cloud 9 to finally get to be a momma!! We knew she’d be an amazing mother; her personality is perfect momma material. And MAN are her chicks ADORABLE!!



Oh, and also, we have 8 chicks that we hatched in the incubator… There were about 20 more we put in there, but they didn’t hatch for some reason :/. But man have those chicks grown! They’re only 4 weeks old!

{{ The Ducks }}

Not much is going on with the ducks… They’re just on the sidelines enjoying the show put on by the crazy, broody chickens. But seriously, they KNOW to stay out of those hens’ way.

Forging through the tall grass on a wet, spring morning.
Forging through the tall grass on a wet, spring morning.


They also love taking little swims in the water bowl… We really have to get the plastic pool out for them, and hopefully the’ll use the pool to swim in instead of the water bowl.

{{ The Bunnies }}

This guy’s 5-6 weeks old


There are baby bunnies EVERYWHERE!! Ok… Not really, but we’ve got a lot of them. I think we have 17 babies at the moment–4 are about 6 weeks old, and then the other 13 are about 3 weeks old.

Maggie likes them too...
Maggie likes them too…


And man are those 3-week-old babies freakin’ adorable!!

Sleeping on their momma after a nice breakfast…


Five of them we actually had to bring in the house for a couple of weeks. Because the momma wasn’t feeding them, we put the babies in a box and had to bring the mom in to them (where she couldn’t hop away) and let them eat.

{{ Scout }}

Scout was very glad to be able to enjoy these wonderful afternoons chillin’ in her “holding pen” (right by the garden) we made for her so she could be outside eating grass while we finished up her other pasture.

Yes, yes, we know... She needs a bath...
Yes, yes, we know… She needs a bath…


Speaking of the pasture… IT’S DONE!!!!!!!! And Scout is so pleased about it (and so are we)!! And an added bonus is that it looks beautiful. Now it looks a little bit more like a real farm!!

The wonderful invention
The wonderful invention


And also, thank you PopPop for bringing a motorized post hole digger–man did that make it go faster! If if wasn’t for you, it would have taken another couple months. And it also saved our backs.

{{ The Garden }}

The garden spring, 2016
The garden, Spring 2016


Everything’s planted in the garden! And we actually have our upstairs bathroom back (my sister, the gardener, filled out counters with plants in the winter as a “greenhouse”)!

My sister, Kayla, had a lot of fun this winter ordering her heirloom seeds from an awesome catalog she found through a blogging homesteader… She’s very excited to dry the seeds and use them in next year’s garden.

Our garden has every vegetable you’ll ever need–tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, iceberg lettuce (along with leaf lettuce), beens (bush and pole), corn, squash, pumpkin, cucumber, watermelon, and strawberries!


I’m most excited about the strawberries! We only have a million plants! Ok, not that many… But we’ve got A LOT.

{{ Random }}

Some of you might have known that our house had kinda a major problem we had to fix last fall… And because of that problem we had to take off all the clapboard on the front of our house. And for a couple of loooong months our house was half green board and half red clapboard… Which was perfect for christmas… But not really good any other time of the year.

Painting away!
Painting away!

Anyway… In April, my dad finished putting on the new clapboard so then our house was half grey and half red (which looked WAY better than the green), and we had to wait a little while to paint it because it was too cold…. Well…. We painted it in early may!! And our house is now back to being red. Well, at least until my dad takes the other side’s clapboard off  to replace it. But hey–I’ll take it!

The before…


Also speaking of painting… We’re finally, after two years, got around to painting over the pineapples in the pineapple room! It’s gonna be drop-dead impressive without the dark green trim and pineapples that were stenciled all around the room in circa 1980. I’m excited…



We opened the pool last weekend! And surprisingly–it turned out to be pretty clean. There wasn’t even any algae on the sides! And I went swimming in it two days later (the 31st). It made me happy! Even though our pool is small (round) and kinda silly–I still love it.

My sister, Kayla, and I have a summer job this year! We’re cleaning three vacation cottages down the street from us. They’re right on the lake, and so far it’s gone really well. And by the end of the summer, I’ll finally be able to get my own camera (all my pictures thus far have been thanks to my mom’s camera)!!!!

Also make sure to check out my Facebook page. Even if you don’t have a Facebook account yourself, you can still stop in every once in a while to see daily updates on the farm…

Annnnnd that’s all! Well I mean, that was enough, right? It seemed very long in my mind… Maybe cause I wrote it all.

What’s going on recently in your life? Is there anything I mentioned in this post you’d like to see more of?


P.S. The second edition of the ATC trade is in the planning stage. So get excited for that! And if you happened to have missed the first trade, don’t fret! You can participate in the upcoming one! And I’d love to have you.

P.P.S. Did you realize that I missed someone? Well I technically didn’t miss them, I just don’t have any updates on them. (Can you guess who I missed?)


23 thoughts on “Recently on the farm — May 2016

  1. Aww, that bunny in the picture with Maggie in the background is so small and adorable!! 😀 I like bunnies a lot. 🙂
    Oh, and yay for pools! We opened ours more than a week ago, and it’s just so enjoyable to cool off and relax in it. 🙂 Unfortunately, ours has a lot of stains on the liner. We always have these dead worms in the bottom when we open it, and they make stains. 😛
    ~Christian Homeschooler


    • I know!! Maggie loves the bunnies and chicks so much :). Do you have a bunny of your own?

      Yay!! Isn’t it so exciting when you get to open it up for the first time in months? On the opening day I’m always very jittery :p.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I LOVE THESE POSTS! 😀 But seriously, Hayley, I really do!! Except for the part about your pictures being so gorgeous and your baby animals being so cute that I get jealous… XD I LOVE all of your baby animal pictures! They are super pretty and not to mention adorable. 🙂 I love all the chick pictures, but especially the second one. So cute! And (here it comes)… I LOVE YOUR BABY RABBITS! Okay, you knew that was coming, didn’t you? XD But seriously! They’re soooo cute! I love the picture with Maggie in the background. AWWW! Of course I would love to see more of them… and the chicks. 🙂
    Okay, I’ll stop with the capital letters and long comment now. WAIT! I forgot something. XD I cannot wait for the next ATC trade! YAY! 😀 And let me guess… did you miss Bixby? Or do you not usually do updates o him? Okay, now I really will stop typing. XD


  3. Hey, Hayley! I wanted to say that it’s your turn for WordCrafters! (Zielle was too busy to write her chapter at the moment.) I can’t WAIT to read yours!! (If you haven’t seen the story so far, you can check it out at the “WordCrafters 2” dropdown from the WordCrafters page on my blog. 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Allison! I hope I can get the time to sit down and write it!! This week is a crazy week for for me, I have a softball game almost every night (it’s the last, tournament week). And I’m also battling this awful virus, but tomorrow I don’t believe I have anything (finally–a day off!), so I’ll work on it then :D.


      • Wow, you sound really busy! :/ 🙂 I hope you feel better soon! If you turn out to be too busy, you can write your chapter later, but I hope you can write it tomorrow! I’m so eager to see it!


  4. You are SO lucky to live on a farm! You really have no idea what I would give to live on one, but at least I share the knowing and life of being a homeschooled Christian girl. Then animals are really cute though! Especially the little chicks!


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