** The Premiere ATC Trade **

*Announcer voice*

Hello folks, and welcome to the premiere episode of “Artists Trading Their Cards”!

(Look back at the previous post to read all the details.)

This time I’ll be showing ya’ll the ATCs that are available for trading! Of course, only the people who sent me pictures can be a part of the trading. So if you love something here and wish you could request to trade, please keep an eye out for the NEXT ATC trade and join in then!

And since I know you all are very anxious to see your options to trade with (I know, you’re probably already looking)… Here are the entries….

^ TRADED (no longer available) — The Extremely Rare Rainbow Zebra — By Allison ^


^ TRADED (no longer available) — A Lonely Apple — By Allison ^


^ TRADED (no longer available) — Puppy Dog Eyes — By Megan ^


AVAILABLE - Hard times - By Megan
^ TRADED (not available) — Hard Times — By Megan ^


^ TRADED (no longer available) — Flowerative (colors are brighter in real life) — By Lainey ^


^ TRADED (no longer available) — Garden Vines (colors are brighter in real life) — By Lainey ^


AVAILABLE -- Dream -- By Anna
^ AVAILABLE — Dream — By Anna ^


AVAILABLE -- Inner Beauty -- By Anna
^ TRADED (no longer available) — Inner Beauty — By Anna ^


^ TRADED (no longer available) — Remember This Moment — By Anna ^


AVAILABLE -- Art tools -- By Rebekah
^ AVAILABLE — Art Tools — By Rebekah ^


AVAILABLE -- Cute Reptiles -- By Rebekah
^TRADED (no longer available) — Cute Reptiles — By Rebekah ^


AVAILABLE -- Pumpkin -- By Rebekah
^ AVAILABLE — Pumpkin — By Rebekah ^


AVAILABLE -- Bunny butt -- By Hayley
^ TRADED (not available) — Bunny Butt — By Hayley ^


AVAILABLE -- NAME -- By Hayley
^ TRADED (no longer available) — Blue Heart — By Hayley ^


AVAILABLE -- Yummy in my tummy -- By Hayley
^ AVAILABLE — Yummy in My Tummy — By Hayley ^


AVAILABLE -- Funny eyes -- By Kayla
^ TRADED (no longer available) — Funny Eyes — By Kayla ^


AVAILABLE -- Rainbow rays -- By Kayla
^ TRADED (no longer available) — Rainbow Rays — By Kayla ^


AVAILABLE -- Love -- By Christian Homeschooler
^ TRADED (not available) — Love — By Christian Homeschooler ^


AVAILABLE -- Joy -- By Christian Homeschooler
^ TRADED (no longer available) — Joy — By Christian Homeschooler ^


AVAILABLE -- Peace -- By Christian homeschooler
^ TRADED (no longer available) — Peace — By Christian homeschooler ^


Oh, and before you start commenting… remember… don’t feel offended if someone doesn’t want to trade with you. And also, please be nice to the other participants in the comments.

If I happened to have forgotten to add your pictures in this post, please tell me in the comments, or shoot me an email. Thank you!

Who are you hopping to trade with?

Ready. Set. Comment.



62 thoughts on “** The Premiere ATC Trade **

  1. Anna — Would you like to trade your “Dream” ATC for my “Yummy in my tummy” ATC?

    Please don’t feel bad to decline!! I’ll understand if you wouldn’t like to trade :D.

    Liked by 1 person

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