BIBPC’s {{ 3, 4, and 5 }}

I know, I know… I missed two BIBPCs (Boring Into Beautiful Contest)! How dare me!

Well, even though I’m a week late, I’m still going to enter in my photography for BIBPC category 3  {{ Textures }} and #4 {{ Funny }} .


I was swinging on our front porch hammock when the idea traveled into my crazy brain… For textures I would photograph the swing! It’s perfect. I always rub my fingers along the bumpy, bamboo weaving while I sit in the warm sunlight reading History or Science.


I thought this moment I captured of our peculiar, but adorable white and grey hen was extra funny. She might be small, but she sure can gallop! Of course you can’t miss out on a delicious worm that the other chickens are fighting over–that would just be boring!


And for the current category (flowers), I was bummed that I’d already entered a picture of a flower for the first category… But I’m still entering a photo! This is a picture I captured of a bleeding heart–one of my favorite flowers :).

Now I’m all caught up on Megan‘s photography contest!

Also, if you would like to participate in the first-ever, really exciting ATC trade I’m hosting, be sure to get the pictures of your ATCs sent to me by MAY 13th. You still have plenty of time to make some really awesome ones that everyone will want to trade for! (The email address you’ll be sending your pictures to is ATCkid(at)live(dot)com.) So please read all about it and join in on the fun! I’ve already gotten some really cool entries that I can’t wait to show you! I really hope you can join in! Did I mention I’m really excited about this?


P.S. Don’t know what ATCs are? Learn more about them. Also make sure you read the rules before you make your own ATC (don’t worry, the rules aren’t too hard to follow).


14 thoughts on “BIBPC’s {{ 3, 4, and 5 }}

  1. Ooh, lovely pictures as always, Hayley! I think my favorite is… hmmm… the bleeding heart flower! I like the other ones too….WAIT! Do I see SNOW on the chicken picture? Please tell me you took that picture a while ago… XD It rained a lot today and hailed (!!! We hardly ever get hail!) but definitely not snow. XD Oh wait, on second (or third or fourth or fifth) glance, maybe those are stones… XD XD XD


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