Chameleon-like frog ( BIBPC #2 )

The second category Megan gave us photographers participating in BIBPC (Boring into beautiful photo contest) was “Critters.” I decided to enter a photo I took last summer of a Grey Tree Frog…


Isn’t he so cute just chilling on my mom’s finger?

We found this little guy resting in our outdoor shower.

And since I am homeschooled, my mom used this little guy as a science lesson… A day after we inspected him, my mom printed out a page that we use for Our Backyard book, and I read all about Grey Tree Frogs. I wrote down everything interesting I could find about them.

And I did it very gleefully, since my favorite amphibians happen to be Red Eyed Tree Frogs. I wanted to see what was familiar between the two… And it turned out to be thrilling in the end.

I learned so much! Like that Grey Tree Frogs change color, depending on the weather and the temperature of the day…. They can also change colors to adapt to their surroundings like chameleons.

Have you ever seen a Grey Tree Frog?


P.s. New ArtLab episode coming tomorrow!! Are you excited??


14 thoughts on “Chameleon-like frog ( BIBPC #2 )

  1. Ooh, that’s a GREAT picture, Hayley! He looks about the same size as our Spring Peepers! Nope, I have never seen a Gray Tree Frog. YAY! I can’t wait to read your ArtLab post! (By the way, did you get my last email – the chat one? It’s perfectly fine if you did and you just didn’t reply yet, I’m just making sure it actually sent. XD Cause sometimes it gets all mixed up. 😀 )


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