Weeds are beautiful — BIBPC #1

Most people (especially gardeners and my pap pap) see weeds as big, bad villains swooping down to choke out new, fluffy grass.

But I see them in a totally different way.

I see them as graceful brides strolling down a lengthy aisle. I see them as little children swaying to the sound of birds chirping in the evening sunlight. I see them as colorful pinwheels fluttering in the wind…






^  This is the picture I am entering in BIBPC  ^

So how about you? Do you see weeds as villains or beautiful similes?


P.S. Don’t forget to head on over to Allison’s blog to see the second episode of ArtLab! She posted some beautiful inspiration. Even if you don’t decide to make your own version of her art, it won’t be a waste of your time to check it out!

P.P.S. I’m entering the last picture above in BIBPC for category 1 (Little Things). I laid down in damp leaves to get this shot. But hey–it’s ok, it turned out to be a pretty great photo.


20 thoughts on “Weeds are beautiful — BIBPC #1

  1. Beautiful pictures, Hayley! I especially love #2 and 3. Yes, I love weeds too! Well, taking pictures of them, anyway. 🙂 Weeds in the forest are beautiful, but weeds in the flowerbed which I have to pull out… they might still be beautiful, but they ARE annoying. XD I prefer weeds where they do no harm and just look pretty. And dandelions in the grass are fine with me!


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