Realities {{ By Kayla }}

My sister, Kayla, blogs over on her business site, Today I asked her if I could share her post, cause, well, I knew you guys would enjoy it. Here’s Kayla’s thoughts:

Ya’ll… Most of the time we bloggers avoid talking about this stuff. It’s hard. And ugly. And most of the time, it’s embarrassing. But, sometimes you need to see life behind the lens.

It’s so easy to only post pictures on Facebook about your good days, and skip over the ones that leave us with only a bad taste in our mouth. And maybe some pictures that we swear we’ll never share with the internet. But sometimes, we need to see people’s messes in order to make sense of our own. And sometimes, it just feels good to expose ourselves.

Farm life, man. It’s messy. So, come tour our farm. Our messy, work-in-progreess, always-something-new-to-be-fixed farm.


Most of the time, our projects start with an idea. Like the one to put screen doors on the front doors of the house. Ehem.

Then, as old houses usually go, my dad found a bigger problem. Our front sill–what’s pretty much holding up the front of our house– was completely rotted. Our great neighbor, who’s a contractor, helped my dad and together, over the course of a weekend, fixed the major problem, and put in a new sill.

But then winter hit sooner than we expected, and so work was halted as we wait for spring. That leaves the front of our house very festive these days…


Scout’s stable is old. And very lived-in. (Shall we just call it broken in?) But it suits us. And I never find her complaining about it…


Our chicken coop is old as well. It’s actually poorly designed in the way that when snow thaws, it melts right into the overhang of the chicken coop, leaving their food and water bowls to look like this most days.


In spite of its short comings, I actually really like our coop. (Let’s call it… ” rustic.”) And I’m beyond glad that our property contained it when we moved here. And it still manages to look pretty cute too. 🙂

The point is that it’d be pretty easy most days to get discouraged if I focus on the messes, the undone projects, the things I wish I could do, if only I could afford to… Sometime’s it’s darn hard. I know. But no matter how you look at the circumstances in your life, there are always things to be thankful for. Because we are so blessed. And these days are so full of happiness. Let’s not take these things for granted.

We have a house, and it keeps us very cozy in the winter. Scout has a stable to keep her warm and dry. The chickens have a home, a comfortable place to lay their eggs.

“May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13


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4 thoughts on “Realities {{ By Kayla }}

  1. Wow! That is SO true!!! 🙂 I love a LOT of things about our place! And you’re SO SO Right about all of those things too!! 🙂 Thanks for this post today! 🙂 I enjoyed it lots! 😉

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