GOP Debate Live Chat


Just a quick reminder…

Don’t forget to join in on the live chat tonight, right here on my blog, during the next-to-last GOP debate! FYI, there will be adult supervision (on the chat) the whole time.

You can chat right on my sidebar, or you can go to Even if you can only stay a few minutes, I’d love to chat with you!

The debate is on CNN at 8:30 ET. See you then!



Oh, and if you want, check out my last post for more information!


12 thoughts on “GOP Debate Live Chat

  1. Has anyone watched Little Rascals? We watched it just yesterday and TRUMP WAS THE ACTOR PLAYING WALDO’S DAD!! 😀 We hadn’t noticed till then. But the role fit him. Trump – ahem, Waldo’s dad, was like “You’re the best son money could buy,” when they were getting ready for the go-cart race in which Waldo, the rich kid, had a fancy go-cart, and the Little Rascals had one that they made themselves. Then Spanky (one of the boys) said, “All the money in the world is no match for hard work and ingenuity,” or something like that. And then the Little Rascals won with their hard work and ingenuity, and all Waldo’s money and fame didn’t help him in the end. What is the moral of the story here? 😀
    So yeah, I just thought that interesting. 🙂

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