Politics… Why should kids care?


Politics. It’s something extremely important, yet something people don’t like talking about, because it usually brings conflict and arguing.

{{ A Great Decision }}

Like the presidential primaries going on right at this moment. The primaries are when each political party—the Democrats and the Republicans—choose which candidate will run for president in their party. And people get to vote which candidate they like the best.

DSC_0564 - Version 2

It’s something even good friends don’t like to talk about because we’re afraid to cause strife. But it’s something we have to talk about. You see, this country is facing a great decision—who will be the 45th President of the United States?

You must be thinking, “But I’m a kid, I can’t even vote… So I don’t care.” Well, let me ask you a question. Who are the candidates running in the parties (both parties)?

You probably know the name Hillary Clinton, right? But could you answer these questions about Hillary? Seriously, go on google if you need to, but answer these questions…

1. Why is Hillary’s last name so familiar?

2. What was her job description before she retired in 2013?

3. Why is she under criminal investigation?

4. Is this the first time she’s run for presidential nominee?

{{ A Challenge }}

So maybe you know the name Hillary Clinton. But do you know the names Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, or Donald Trump? (Okay, you probably know Trump, but do you really know him?)

I challenge you to look up the other four candidates I listed (along with Hillary Clinton). After you’ve found out more about them, come back and tell me who you would vote for.

You’re probably wondering—”Why does Hayley think it’s so important for us kids to know what’s going on in politics and to care?”

Guys, we’re the future of our country. The person your parents vote for could be our next PRESIDENT. The president is the head of all our military forces. The president can, with executive orders, make huge changes in our nation. The president chooses supreme court justices who will be interpreting our Constitution and making our country’s laws! This is a big deal!

{{ This stuff fascinates me! }}

That’s why I happen to be fascinated with this subject at this moment. The past couple months I’ve watched loads of debates, interviews, rallies, commercials, and so on. I’ve watched so many videos and care so much about these primaries, you’d think I could vote!

In fact, I’ve MET Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.



Are your parents going to vote in the primaries? Are they going to vote in November? Who are they voting for?

{{ Tell them, “It’s educational!” }}

The next Republican debate is THIS Thursday night on CNN. This is the next-to-last Republican debate that’s scheduled. That makes me sad; in my house we all really look forward to the next debate, counting down the days. We even get out movie candy and pop popcorn and have a blast. Honestly. They’re that good. If you can watch this Thursday, be sure to join in a live chat right here on my blog during the debate. I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say while we watch together!

And make sure to remind your parents it’s okay to stay up late and watch it… it’s educational and only happens every four years! In fact, I’ll be hosting a live chat for BOTH debates: this Thursday, March 10th, and Monday, March 21st.

Will you be watching the Republican debate this Thursday and chatting live with me?



37 thoughts on “Politics… Why should kids care?

  1. Wow! This was such a cool post, Hayley. 🙂 I love watching the debates and it’s fascinating to research the history and lives of the current presidential candidates. It’s so neat you met Cruz and Rubio, too!

    -Clara ❤


  2. Very true, Hayley! We are the future of this country, and it’s essential that we study politics. It’s extremely important that we make wise decisions when voting for the next president of our country.
    In my humble opinion, I was for Carson, but he’s dropped out of the race. Now, I’m leaning towards Cruz and Rubio, but possibly a little more towards Rubio.
    Ooh, yess, I’ll probably be watching the debate!! I don’t know if I can be on the live chat, but I won’t miss the debate. 😉
    Fantastic post, Hayley!

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  3. I am REALLY into politics. XD I don’t want to google Hillary Clinton, so here goes. XD
    1. Why is Hillary’s last name so familiar?
    Because her husband was president in the 90’s
    2. What was her job description before she retired in 2013?
    Secretary of the US
    3. Why is she under criminal investigation?
    Because she did something wrong with the email thing…. I can’t remember the right terms. 😛
    4. Is this the first time she’s run for presidential nominee?

    Did I get them? Now I’ll read the rest…. XD

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  4. EEEEEEEEEE!!!! YOU MET TED CRUZ???? XD XD XD If you meet him again, say a blogger fan says, ‘GO CRUZ!!!!’ XD 😛
    So yeah….. I think Cruz is the best. I’ve watched all of the debates (I think) and he seems to stick to the Constitution fairly well. Marco Rubio seems like he has a lot of faith in God too. 🙂

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    • YES!! I did!! Haha, ok, but I don’t think I’m going to meet him again. The primaries are over in our state, so all the politicians are gone :/. He was one of my top two (still is) :). That’s awesome!! Yeah, I think he’s really into the constitution and voting by it and stuff like that–which is what we need in a president :D. Yeah, Rubio seems to be a very strong christian (and so does Cruz), at both the Marco Rubio speeches I went to he talked a lot about Gods direction and bible verses and things like that… Which is really cool, and we really NEED a president that is founded in the word.


      • Thank you so much for sharing that article!! I’ve seen that video– I think it’s the best answer to any question this whole presidential race!! That video is one of the things that helped me make my final decision to “vote” for Rubio. Did you see the debate when Trump stood up for Planned Parenthood? And he calls himself a Christian!! It’s outrageous!! But I really wonder what the guy that asked the question in the video walked away thinking. Wow. I’ve already seen that video before, but it just makes me feel so warm and joyful inside!! I mean can you imagine what it would be like to know that you the president that you know is praying for guidance? And wants nothing more than to share his faith with others, because he knows how special God is. Sorry… That was long. It’s just so unbelievable!

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  5. I have talked with my family a lot about politics, and I am sort of interested. I heard of someone else running that got voted out who was a girl, who I might have voted for. If I was eighteen, I would either vote Ted Cruz because he seems like he has the best ideas and faith, or Marco Rubio because he publicly shares his faith in a way a lot of people would be scared to do, especially while running for president.

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    • That’s awesome!! It’s always so good to hear kids care about politics :). Oh yeah, you must be talking about Carly Fiorina? I really liked her but she dropped out of the race a while back. I agree, I think both Cruz and Rubio are very strong Christians and both have wonderful ideas. But you’re right, Rubio does talk more about his faith in public. Even though Cruz does talk about it. And I also think both of them would be the best to run against Hillary Clinton (or Bernie), which is also very important.

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  6. Great post, Hayley! I’m really into politics, too, and I’ve watched(or listened to) all the GOP debates. I’ve watched some of the Democrat ones too. Oh, and I knew the answers to all your questions about Hilary Clinton. 😉
    ~Christian Homeschooler
    P.S. I was for Ben Carson, but I think Ted Cruz is the next best.

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    • Thank you!! That’s awesome!! Yeah, my family have watched some democrat debates to, even though it makes us sick ;). That’s great!! Ted Cruz was one of my top two. I’m just wondering–what is your favorite thing about Carson?

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      • Yeah, I don’t really like watching them much, either, but they’re interesting, to a point.
        Well, I think he has a lot of wisdom, and he is really godly. He’s also very logical and thoughtful, and I think he had a lot of good ideas. 🙂
        ~Christian Homeschooler

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      • Okay! I thought you meant just in the comments. 😉 Sounds cool! 😀
        I HOPE to be able to do it, but we are gonna be up at our grandparent’s house that evening. We might be able to watch it from there or run down to our house (a minute’s drive away) and watch it there. But I hope I can! 😀


      • Ok, nope :). That’s cool! I used to live right down the street from one set of grandparents and right up the street from my other set of grandparents–it was awesome :). Anyway, I hope you can chat, that would be super cool!


  7. I fervently agree with you, Hayley. Youth should care who is running for president and who is elected. But not only youth, but adults who can actually vote. I think there are too many adult Christians who do not vote.
    The answers to Hillary Clinton questions: (I didn’t look any of them up)
    1. Because her husband, Bill Clinton, was president!
    2. Secretary of State!
    3. Because she had a private email server, and classified emails were vulnerable.
    4. Nope. Barack Obama beat her in 2008!
    Also, I know about the Republican candidates a lot more than the Democrats. That’s pretty cool that you met Cruz and Rubio! We’ve watched all of the debates, even the Democrat ones! (even though they can make one sick) Most likely, we will watch the one coming up. They are interesting, but there is much too much interrupting and insulting(and not just by Donald Trump).
    I might be able to participate in a live chat, but usually when we watch debates, we watch debates. 😉 It sounds like fun, though!


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  8. My family actually supports Democrats, but unfortunately my parents are a bit biased when they talk about politics to me: they talk about Republicans as the ‘bad guys’ and Democrats as the ‘good guys’. I love them, but I can’t believe they they say they’re Liberals, and that they’d support either party and not just one. Although I think it would be cool to have a women president, I am not at all against the Republicans. When I’m old enough to vote, I’m going to think about each party fairly, and not be influenced by my family or anything else. My family says that the Republicans made a lot of mistakes, but the Democrats are no better, I’m quite sure! As long as the future president is responsible to guid a country correctly, I am more than fine if he is a Republican! A president who has faith in God, for example, would be wonderful!
    Also, I had no idea that Planned Parenting was ‘bad’. My school teaches it as a positive thing. Thank you for including that in your post, Hayley!
    I totally agree with you: the youth of today needs to think carefully about the future of our country. Thank you, once again, for such an eye-opening post!
    -Lily from https://oodlesandbundlesblog.wordpress.com/

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  9. This was a *really* interesting post, Hayley! That is awesome that you’re so into politics. And WOW, you met Rubio and Cruz?! Amazing! (Were they nice? Hehehe.)
    I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch the debates (I know for sure I won’t be able to make the March 21 one) but I know for sure my parents will be watching it. Maybe I’ll catch a little. 😉

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  10. *applause*
    Great post Hayley! I think that I would vote for Cruz! Trump…I just DO NOT agree with his beliefs. And Bernie Sanders is COMMUNIST! The main reason our country has succeeded is because of our capitalist democracy! (Not to mention that it’s also the democracy that our founding fathers created over two centuries ago…)
    Great post Hayley! Bravo! And it is SO cool that you actually met Ted Cruz!

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