Back in Neverland


Yay! It’s my turn to write for Word Crafters! I had the honor of writing after Loren. If you want to catch up on the excitement, go on over to Allison‘s blog. It’s an invigorating story, I suggest reading it.

Anyway, on with chapter 10…


Alalia’s long chocolate braid soared through the water like a jelly fish on an adventure. She heard the muffled engines working hard to keep the small motor boats moving, as their drivers had requested. Oh how she wished she was in the flip-flopped world of fairytales she was just dreaming about. As she popped her head above the cool, fresh lake water she glanced back and realized she had drifted far from the floating boat.

Alalia wondered how she had swam so far without dying of exhaustion, since she had taken a strenuous hike just hours before. Her arms and legs, immersed in the clear, refreshing lake felt even more limp than a sticky piece of airhead after she’s stretched it. As she grabbed the boat’s platform and her airhead arms struggled to pull her petite body up, her hair flowed like a sheet of melted chocolate out of the crisp water and onto her shoulders.

“Are you ready?” her Dad questioned as she flopped down on the cream leather seat beside him.

“Yeppers!” she chirped as she grabbed her towel.


The moment Alala’s dad’s truck finished backing up the long driveway Alalia dashed inside her white cape cod house and up the narrow, winding staircase. She plummeted into her room and snagged up her drawing notebook, pencils, and eraser, tucking them safely under her arm. Before she could give any more thought to her messy room, and how mad her dad would be, she was off, yet again.

As the front door glided open, Alalia could feel the humid air pushing her back. Resisting the strong shove, she rushed out into the whirling-yet-peaceful world. When she stumbled down the side hill, she saw the chickens lurking through the swaying grass, hunting for worms to satisfy their hollow stomachs. She took a pit stop to sit and have a little chat with the squalking birds.

“Finding any yummy bugs?” Alalia inquired.

No reply came from the creatures, except a look of confusion. If only they could talk, they would be such great companions. Discouraged that the human being didn’t bring any yummy food, all the chickens were gone within minutes, leaving Alalia sitting in the bright green grass all alone.

Stretched out in solitude, Alalia remembered her potential motive–a little visit to her favorite spot in the woods.

Winning entry in the second International Garden Photographer of the Year competiton 2009. May be reproduced only with the permission of the organisers - go to

She ambled for a couple of minutes down the skinny path that her own dirty, black polka dotted rubber boots  had made from going to this spot so often. She reached her rock overlooking the marsh. A small river walked through the tall grasses where many creatures, all different shapes and sizes, liked to stop for a little break and steal a drink.

Alalia loved sketching anything she saw in this private wetland, but today she wasn’t thinking about drawing any old weed, bird, or chipmunk. She was focused on more inspiring things–the pirates, the fairytale land, and Jacob. She went back into her imaginary world as she drew the renegades, the ocean, the dress.

As her pencil started shading  under the hem, she was back in Neverland. Back into the crazy, messed up fairy tale world. Back in the water. She was swimming. This time even faster. The pirates were right behind her. She could almost touch the boat. Jacob was practically dragging her. One of the pirates reached down and…



Ooh, what will happen? I don’t know…

Here you go Rebekah, have fun writing your part, I know you’ll do great :).

What do you think should happen next?



18 thoughts on “Back in Neverland

  1. I’m having such a great time reading all of these Story parts! SO much fun! I Loved how you did this, Hayley! When is the next time you do wordcrafters? Or who does it end with? I really want to do it, but I don’t know how to sign up!


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