Berry Cute Writing {{ Episode 1 }}

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I was an adorable child.

It’s true–I was an adorable child. And very talented–even at the age of 5.

I wasn’t the best and strongest writer–but for a 5 year old? I wrote very well.

Here is one of my stories I wrote about my Clifford balloon I brought home from my grandparents’ anniversary party…



Doggy Floated Away {{ April 2007 }}

I was trying to bring Clifford, my balloon, inside. We were coming home from MomMom and PopPop’s party.

His string was on my cat that Mommy and Daddy gave to me for the old Christmas last, last, last week. And I was holding my dog in my arms.

I do really miss my Clifford balloon, but that’s what balloons do sometimes. Clifford might be in an airplane up there, if it is a big airplane.


See? I was so cute!

I love the fact that I knew I wanted to write even at such a young age, long before I knew there were 52 weeks in the year. (Do you like “the old Christmas last, last, last week”?)

Did you have a  favorite book when you were little? My favorite was Clifford (but I guess you already got that).



21 thoughts on “Berry Cute Writing {{ Episode 1 }}

  1. Wow! Those are adorable pictures. The story is quite good for a five-year-old! That’s wonderful that you were writing at such a young age!
    As for my favorite book when I was little, I think it was the book about the multicolored elephant, Elmer. xD


  2. Oh my goodness, Hayley, you were SOOOO cute! 😀 You wrote very well for a five-year-old. 😉 I loved the part about Clifford being in an airplane. 🙂
    My favorite book when I was little was probably The Poky Little Puppy. I loved that book to death! I think I also liked the books about Spot the dog. 😉


  3. AWWW! This is so CUTE! Oh my gosh! That is so, so adorable. :’D And these pictures are so cute as well! I love that, too; that you knew that you wanted to write at such a young age – that is terrific! 😀

    We read a bit of Clifford when I was a little kid, but I think my favourite book was this really cool book (the title escapes me – go figure) where someone would read out these actions the little characters did, and we’d have to do them too! Lol, I’m not explaining it well, but it was awesome and a lot of fun! XD 😉

    Thanks for sharing! 😀


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