Learn more about me {{ part 1 }}

Here I am, about to answer your questions! You guys came up with some interesting ones, and I can’t wait to answer them.

But… This is only part one–you guys asked me so many questions! So if you don’t see your questions in today’s post, don’t fret, you’ll see them tomorrow :).


Let’s start with the questions from Megan (she asked me the most questions):

When was the last time you rode a trike?
I really don’t know… It’s not something my brains keeps track of.

Would you rather have a parrot for a pet or a monkey?
Really neither, but… Yeah, neither.

Are you into the presidential campaign?
I like watching the debates (it’s hilarious when they fight like little kids)…

Would you rather stop Pinteresting or blogging?
Stop Pinteresting because I would go insane if I didn’t have my blog. What would I do with all my extra time?

A person who comments on every post but doesn’t follow, or a person who follows but hardly ever comments?
No one really does the first. But so many people do the second. If I had to choose I would pick to have people commenting instead of following because I love reading comments.

What kind of animals do you raise?
Bunnies, chickens, ducks and a soon-to-be cow.

What was the worst injury you have ever gotten?
It had been raining so the ground was damp, my mom had just gotten home from the grocery store, and I was riding down our steep driveway on my bike. The wheels slipped, and my head hit the black pavement.

But the hospital wasn’t that bad, because I got to have a delicious slushy and came home to a picked up, re-arranged room, thanks to thoughtful sisters.

Have you ever been to another country?

What’s a game that you like that isn’t a board game?
I like Capture the Flag and Four on the Couch.

What’s your favorite post that you have done on this blog?
I’m quite proud of the post about why I love homeschooling! I got so many people viewing it, I almost peed my pants.

What was your first camera?
I asked for a camera for Christmas, and I got a little pink one. But pink really isn’t my color, and I found out not too long after receiving it that it was a cheap little thing… So that was my first camera.


Now on to Clara’s questions:

Which book have you read the most?
How am I supported to know this off the top of my head? (I read a lot.)

Ok… I’ve read The Callahan Cousins 3-4 times, and The Penderwicks

Favorite pattern? (polka dots, chevron, etc.)
I recently just got into Aztec patterns.

My friend and I made the same Aztec ATC, and they were really hard to make but turned out really cool.

Do you have any photography tips?
Make sure to have natural light. And step out of your comfort zone, try new angles and settings. The first time I tried that, I was astonished at how professional-looking the pictures turned out to be.

Where did you get that awesome picture on your header?
You mean my “logo”? I actually got it off a site with free graphics (and I really like it).

Do you like to draw?
I love drawing, but I’m not the best at it…


Now I will be answering Jaclynn’s questions:

What kind of animals do you have? How many?
We have two dogs, 6 adult bunnies, one baby bunny, 5 ducks, 15 chickens, and soon-to-be one cow.

What is your favorite animal?
This question has always been hard for me. I love so many animals.
I love chickens, ducks, and cows, and just about everything else.

Do you ride horses?
I’ve actually never got on a horse. Ever. In my life.

Besides being an author, what else would you like to do when you grow up?
Well, I’m hoping to be a stay-at-home mom and a published author.


Now let’s just skip on down to the questions that Loren has asked me…

What is your favorite part of blogging?
Well I firstly just love sharing my writing with people other than my co-op class. But I also love getting all the amazing feedback you wonderful people give me.

And keeping up a blog is as rewarding as that moment I snag a hen that no one else can catch.

Why do you enjoy making ATCs?
I love seeing the end result, and I just like doing art in general.

Favorite weather?
A New England summer!


Ok… moving on to AGlane’s questions:

What is your favorite animal?
Again, I like just about any animal.

Do you do a sport? If so, which one?
Yup–I play Softball. I love pitching, and my sister is a great coach.

How much money was the camera you use?
I have my own camera, but I usually use my mom’s or sister’s and they were 400-500ish dollars.

Do you ever wish to get a pet micro mini pig?
Nope. But I do wanna get normal pigs!


Now I will be answering Samantha’s questions:

Cats or dogs?
DOGS, all the way!

Favorite drink from Starbucks?
I’ve never been to Starbucks, so…

Favorite treat from Starbucks?
Again, never been.

Favorite sport?
I love to play softball. And I love watching professional baseball. My favorite team is the Boston Red Sox.

Fave way to spend a rainy afternoon?
Reading or writing blogs, reading books, or sleeping.


And last, but definitely not least… Cute Polar Bear’s questions!

Have you ever heard of Answers in Genesis or the Creation Museum?
Yup, I’ve heard of both. And I’d love to go to the Creation Museum sometime, but I don’t live anywhere near it. I actually heard Ken Ham speak!

Do you like swimming or running better?
Swimming. But I like to go for a run every once in a while ;).

Can you do any gymnastics?
Nope, no matter how much I’d like to… I can’t.

Do you like climbing trees?
That used to be what I did with all my time! You don’t even know how much I love climbing trees (even though I’m not as good as my sister).

What do you usually do to help take care of your animals?
I’ll usually lock the chickens and ducks into their houses in the evening. And sometimes I’ll go out with my sister (the farm is all hers, pretty much) and help her in the morning.


Did you learn anything new about me?



15 thoughts on “Learn more about me {{ part 1 }}

  1. I loved reading all of your answers! 😀 That injury sounds HORRIBLE. 😛 I read the second Penderwicks book a few summers ago, and I couldn’t put it down! I had to bring it back to the library before I could finish it, though.
    I can’t wait for part two…and I also can’t wait to see the answers to the questions I asked you. 😉


  2. I enjoyed reading your answers! 🙂 I really liked reading The Penderwicks too, although I haven’t read the new one. Plus, I only read them once because we don’t own them. 😉 And the Creation Museum is awesome! I hope you can go sometime. 🙂



  3. Very interesting post! I also think it’s kind of funny (but also sad) how the candidates fight at debates. And I LOVE the Penderwick series! Have you read the fourth one yet?


      • Yep, I have read it, and it is good! It is really different than the rest of the series, though. It is more like a real novel with a little less of the playful comedy in the other books. In case you didn’t know, it’s about Batty when she’s older, and the ages of the girls are a little hard to get used to at first, but you do get used to them. You really get into the story, and feel sorry for poor Batty when she… well, I won’t spoil it! To say all that in one sentence, yes, the story is really good, but in a different way from the rest of the series. If you get it for Christmas it would be interesting to see what you think of it! Whoa, that was a long comment… 🙂


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