Who will it be?

Today is the day you all have been anticipating… November 28th. Today, you will get to see if you  have won…. THE GIVEAWAY!

How about you all just tell yourselves you didn’t win, so you won’t be disappointed, ok? Ok.

I put all the names out of my sister’s navy blue Red Sox hat, and while my eyes were closed and my sister was shaking the hat–I picked a name. THE NAME.

Was it yours? Let’s find out…

The winner… Is..


Congrats, girl, and thanks for sharing multiple times! (All of you, thank you so much!)

But wait! You didn’t win the grand prize?

Well I’ve decided to give away a second prize–a guest post here on my blog. And if you’re not a blogger or just don’t feel like writing a whole post, I will interview you on any topic you’d like.

The winner of the second prize is….


Could you both please shoot me an email by using the contact me form on the contact me page? Thank you!

I’m sorry if you didn’t win anything, I still wanna thank you for all the nice comments and sharing you guys did the past couple weeks.

Thank you all, you’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!




18 thoughts on “Who will it be?

  1. Cool! Can’t wait to see the guest post! 🙂 I JUST got to do a guest post on
    Craftz n craziness’s blog! It was fun! Congratulations, to Rebekah and Sarah!!!! Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving! (Late) 😀


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