Dear BFFL…


Dear BFFL,

You know who you are. And you just recently turned 13. I can’t believe how you have matured in the many years I have known you. 

Sometimes I worry we’re growing apart, then I talk to you and it’s like no time has passed at all. I guess that’s whats so amazing about true friends.

I like to think of all the fun times we had and, of course, the fun we’ll have in the future.

You can not imagine how much I miss you, but then again, I’m glad I got to move–if I didn’t I might have never realized how much you mean to me.

You’re always encouraging me onward, being cheerful, and having fun.  I appreciate that more than I could ever explain without running out of free WordPress space.

You always say I’m a really good friend and encourager, but I’ll never be as amazing as you (no matter how much I try).

I hope one day we’ll be neighbors and watch our kids grow up together. Imagine just walking a couple feet and being with each other!

I know it’s hard living 400 miles apart, but hey, it could be further.

I really have no clue how I could live without you, and I hope you would say the same.

Never stop being cheerful, encouraging, and fun-loving (who am I kidding; you’re CRAZY), cause that’s what you do best.





17 thoughts on “Dear BFFL…

  1. About 4 years ago, I had some good friends move away…… We wrote letters back and forth! I felt like I got to know her better through the letters than in person! And you know what? They moved back! And now I see them at least once a month! She is WAY older than me, but we are still VERY good friends! We also had some friends (REALLY GOOD friends) move 100’s of miles away…. I still miss them a lot! But I know God has all of us arranged like he wants us to be…. Whether it’s right beside each other… or miles apart! God knows! I hope you get to see your friend again! Sounds like a good friend!


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