Day 17

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 12.49.19 PM

Writing is awesome, but also very frustrating. You know, comma splices, compound sentences, parallelism, and just plain old typos!

Since my mom is a writer (and an editor), I know lots about these things. Or maybe not, because I sure do mess those dumb things up a lot. 

But I’m getting better. And I wanna keep getting better. I wanna write the best books anyone has ever read. I wanna make them so good the readers can’t put them down to feed their dogs, even when their dogs are going crazy and demanding dinner.

So there you go. There’s what I wanna do with my life–laid right out in front of you.

That’s my dream job. One day I’ll walk into a book store and see my name printed bold, right on the front–“Hayley Rose.”

Would you read my books?



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