Day 15

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 12.30.35 PM

WE HAVE BABY BUNNIES! Yup, we have new additions to our homestead. So far we only have two, and hopefully Lottie’s not done giving birth…

So now that that’s out of my system, let’s talk about day 15.

My top 10 favorite food–to be exact. Here we go…

1. Fruit, really any kind. Plums, Peaches, Pears, Apples, Bananas, Grapes, Kiwis, Strawberries…. Give me some of those, and I will love you forever.

2. Candy, preferably Swedish Fish. But I’ll take whatever you’ve got.

3. Mac n’ cheese, but NOT Annie’s white cheddar. Ewww!

4. Mashed potatoes, nice and creamy… Yuuum.

5. BLTs, but they have to be farm fresh tomatoes ;).

6. Bobbies, thanksgiving in a sandwich. My favorite!

7.  Pretzels, I love these for my “go-to snack,” because we always have them.

8. GRAVY, I almost forgot about his one! I have the weirdest obsession with gravy, is that weird?

9. Apple cider donuts, or really any donuts for that matter.

10. Bread, especially garlic bread.

And there you have it, my top 10 favorite foods!

I love food, do you? What’s your favorite?





20 thoughts on “Day 15

  1. Mmmm…. you’re making me hungry! I love gummy bears and chocolate and fruit and mashed potatoes and… this is getting too long. ;D Anyways, great post! What breed are the bunnies?

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    • SAME! They are turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce on a sandwich. The purpose is to use all the turkey. So my family always has them for dinner on thanksgiving :). Yeah, my moms obsessed with pretzels xD.

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  2. PICTURES!!! NEEEEEEDDDD PICTURES!! Did she have any more yet? We are hoping to breed Lily and Olaf in December, anhy advice? And then my friend and I will bred our Holland lops later on. I CAN’T WAIT!
    Bobbies sound good! I love doughnuts!!


    • Haha, no. Actually one of the two died… That’s awesome, not really. I mean watch the girls butt so you know if he got her. So when he is on top you need to watch her butt, make sense? And then you wanna also breed them 28 hours later. You might know all this, but we found out about the butt lifting after we tried to bread our girls and they didn’t get pregnant because he didn’t actually get her. I can’t wait to see pictures of YOUR babies on the blog :). Yeah, bobbies are the best!!


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