Day 11

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 12.27.50 PM

Some are big that will never happen, but some are small that might happen. So I guess we should start on my top 10 things on my bucket list!

Get a zorb ball — I mean, we have a lake, and they can’t coast that much!

Ride a segway — Segways are so awesome! Have you seen Mall Cop? It made me like them more ;).

Go for a hot air balloon ride — You could be those people that everybody on land is talking about… That would be awesome!

Design my dream bedroom — Now that would obviously require money… But I can have an over-active imagination, right?

Have a week-long sleepover with my best friends — We’ll stay in my dream room I will be designing :D.

Live in a tiny house with my best friends — I guess this is where I should say sorry to their parents, since they won’t ever see them again, unless they feel like driving a long way… But they’re welcome to come whenever they would like!

Be an American Girl photographer — I think I would be good at this. And I’d probably make enough money to design my room and buy my tiny house.

Someone throw me a surprise party with all my favortist people — Mom, this is your job…

Live in a house (for just a month) that’s worth millions of dollars — I don’t know why, but it would be super duper fun!

Be a successful, published author — Very self explanatory, and we all knew it was coming ;).

What are some thing you want to do?



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