Day 10

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MY average summer day? Why do you wanna know that Boringness? I don’t think it’s really worth the time… But ok… I’ll tell you what my average summer days have been like around here in “the sticks.”

If you dare to venture into the disaster zone I call my room at 8:30 you will find me awaking in my bundle of sheets. I’m usually awakened by a mom congratulating my puppy on a “good poop.” After sitting in her bed contemplating life for WAY too long, I stumble into the bathroom across the way.

After I have somehow not died on the spinning stairs, I will head into the office and check all the important, time-sucking websites. WordPress, email, Pinterest and youtube. (How could you live without AG house tours taped two years ago?)

After a while of my adventure into the fake but beautiful world of Pinterest, I get hungry… as every normal human being does. So I get up from my fantastic spinning chair to get some breakfast.

Then I go back to the computer and read a blog post while I eat.

After that I don’t do much. I sometimes go for a bike ride or swim and Kayak in the lake. Yes, I do go right from my PJ’s into a swimsuit XD.

We usually eat at 1:30-2:00, and it’s often a “whatever you want leftover buffet,” which is fine by me (I think it’s the way to go).

Even if I’ve already swam in the lake, I will still go swimming in the pool for a little while and do some handstands, backflips, and front flips.

Once I get out of the pool, I like to take a shower because I hate clorine in my hair and I, you know, have to get clean…. And then I finally get dressed XD.

I don’t do much until dinner time which is usually between 7:00 and 8:00.

After dinner, I will edit a blog with my mom. Or sometimes my family will watch a Cosby rerun or a movie.

Before I get ready for bed I will check my email and see if any blogs have posted. But I NEVER go on Pinterest at night because I would never get to sleep XD.

Then I head upstairs to get my PJs on, wash my face, and brush my teeth. Once I get in bed it’s usually 11:00 but sometimes earlier and sometimes later :).

And that’s a boring day in my life! See? I told you it was a waste of time… Mind you, it is summer and I do have interesting days full of fun and laughter :).



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