Day 4

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Yes, yes, yes… I know I should have posted this 3 days ago :/. I was really dreading this post for some reason, then my friend that I haven’t seen all summer came for a sleepover, so I was way too busy swimming and making ATCs to post during that time…. Anyway…

Who else is taking the challenge?

There’s Loren and Sunny. And along with those lovely girls, Ella has been joining in all along, even though I didn’t notice until just yesterday. (Sorry about that, Ella!) And Jaclynn is also participating.

So, here are my 10 favorite songs!

I actually posted about little moments a while back, and this song goes along with it so well. Also–if you’ve seen Christmas Shoes you know the singer’s wife.

This is such a good song to dance to! If you saw me dancing to this, you might unfollow me  just because I’m that weird ;).

Me and my sister were so obsessed with this music video. We thought Huner Hayes’ facial expressions were so hilarious.

You cannot believe how much I was addicted to this song :D.

This sounds so much like my town, and of course–you gotta love Scotty McCreery!

And EVERYBODY loves backroads. If you don’t, you’ve never been on one.

So cute! He wants to be like his daddy. This is also a really good song for parents because your kids are watching you–so be smart about what you say and do.

This is the best song to skate to!

This is every dad–pretty sure :).

I was getting really desperate at the end there, so I asked my mom and she helped me find the last 4 :). Thanks mom!

I’ll hopefully work on catching up today, so I’ll at least post one more blog later–day 5 :).

Hope you guys enjoyed,




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