American Girl room tour!

Hi, Julie here!

Today I’m gonna give you guys a tour of our new doll room, since Hayley finally got it all done!

Now all that Hayley needs to finish is the living room and the bathroom, and we’ve got a dollhouse :D.

So let’s get into the tour…

Me and my sisters love hanging out in the twinkling room!
I’m gonna start the tour off in the left half of the room.
First off, we have the nightstand. The top of the dresser is always open. And it’s holding books, magazines, candy bars—yuuum—a phone, and a decorative flag.
In the bottom drawer, Emily keeps her purse. Along with a cute little box, money, and notes from some pen pals :).
We’ve got pillows and stuffed animals on the bed. And the chalk board obviously states that I’m cool—which is very true.
We have a really cool, silky rug which is actually supposed a book cover :D.
At the end of the bed there’s a trunk with some makeup, bracelets, and nail polish sitting on top. That’s where we all get dolled up :).
Inside we keep some bags that we use for school (which is starting soon :/).
And don’t ask me why we have a snowman in the corner… I mean Hayley DID do this and no one really knows what’s wrong with her.
Now on to the right side of the room (my favorite)!
Right next to the snowman, I have my snazzy skateboard leaning up against the wall and my awesome basketball next to it :).
On the top of the nightstand, we have our iPad, chap-stick, a fake flower, and a real plant.  (Hayley got the nightstand from the dollar store.)
In the top drawer, we’ve got more candy, another phone, watercolors, and a bunch more random junk :D.
And we keep some clothes in the bottom drawer.
I have my bear on the bed, along with pillows and a really pretty comforter.
Over the bed, Hayley hung this really cute saying, which I love.
And that’s the new doll bedroom! Once the other rooms are done, one of my sisters will give you guys a tour :). Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed.



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